.......THIS CUSTOM STORY IS RELEASED ALREADY!!!..... .......................................... Finally! This project is real enough to be released..... ............. Development started in october 2013, finished in march 2014. This giant colossus is provided for you for free download.

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- Amazingly creative maps and story
- Fun and scary at the same time
- A "friend"
- Very long story
- A lot of new custom items
- Climbing on egdes feature


- The "climbing on egdes" idea is brilliant, but spam it and you are flying like a bird
- A few areas where I could glitch out. The swamp, for example, did not have enough blockboxes


This is the funiest story I have ever played! It isn't the most touching story I have ever played, but it was hilarious and scary at the same time (not sure how it is possible to mix scary and fun, but you did it).

It did have some areas where I could glitch through the ground or jump out of the map, but there are too many positive things to vote it down because of a couple of glitches.

Highly recommended to all players, new or veteran.

10/10 - Masterpiece

This mod make us our life are colorful.

this custom story was one of the best ive played. It felt like I was part of the story. the ending was realy sad and felt bad for the main character and lasser. 10/10


physcostealth says

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Oh wow, there are so many custom stories with no effort put into them it's refreshing to get a story with some creativity and entertainment!

I really like the scope of the game. There are so many worlds, maps, and places to go. Along with that, there is so much more entities and textures that are used. It's almost as if it's an entirely new game. I mean you play as a monster at some points. Talk about creativity!

-Length of playtime
-Combination of genres
-In a way it has a philosophical nature
-Maps. All of them. I like all the maps.
-Custom monsters are nice
-Story has some effort put into it
-Ice cavern. Enough said.
-Pacing was good

-Quite a few bugs (the swamp I found to be the most buggy - I was able to get through the barred gate leading to the eagle key just by climbing the colorful rocks)
-Some areas with the jump-kick feature (click an area and it makes you jump twice as high) got me stuck. I believe the feature wasn't intentionally added to them

Other than that, that's pretty much all I have to say about this custom story. Clearly a lot of work was put into it and I'm glad I played it.


HumiliatoR says

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After a long break, I saw couple new mods released first MatiaSika's Dimension sequel then I tried this, "Tutorial part didn't work for the first time because the "AMFP patch" but I fixed that and then it worked perfectly after trying again from the start.

Wow, I'm amazed! This mod contains so many unique perspectives, ideas, puzzles, preferences couple too, but yeah originality is so damn good, I couple times just stopped thinking how smart creativity comes in your mind and how you executed everything very nicely.

For a long time, I truly enjoyed it, there was couple moments where I was annoyed on jumping parts and died easily to the water and some rooms were annoyed to pass, but overall it was so much pleasure, fun, entertaining, first chapter was pure awesomeness to the end. My favourite one.

Ending was nicely done, boss fight was genius and all the events being a monster, playing mini-games, visiting retro-house all this stuff was incredible enjoyable to play a long time and collecting key cards / bonus items and achievements, just brilliant. Level design was really decent and nicely executed and fits to all the chapters.

One of the most entertaining mods a REALLY long time which deserves almost a perfect score. Amazing job, man! Bravo!


- Music
- Atmosphere, puzzles, unique rooms / design
- Story
- Modified monsters
- Many chapters to play / gameplaytime is long and executed perfectly


- Couple textures flapping and sometimes little annoying events to face
- Too dark areas sometimes, hard to progress
- Confusing places and sometimes didn't make any sense where I was

Overall, amazing and really much effort putted into this one hell of a adventure.

9/10 - Brilliant and close to perfection! Must play!

So... i can't find words to describe this...
This is so unique and creative, this was like fantasy when i play this.
This make me smile, amaze, fear.
it was a pleasure to play. Thank you! :)


Boss-DOS says

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Oh, it was so wonderful. It touched me so deeply and that fight scene was great.

I think I may have been missing textures though, some things like dressers and flooring didn't show up. There were a few script glitches but in the long run it was still great. The suitors in the claustrophobia map were a little annoying, they kept knocking me off platforms. I'm a fast player so it only took me an hour and a half to two hours to get through. But I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

The story was fantastic and your maps were so well detailed and different. I really, really enjoyed playing as a Grunt and killing the other monsters. Maybe a little too much. It was a lot of fun and all the extras were neat. I loved all the added sounds and references to Penumbra and A Machine for Pigs you slipped in here and there. It was very unique and a very special custom story.


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