Deliverance is a free single-player expansion pack for Sierra's Half-Life. In Deliverance you reprise your role as Gordon Freeman in a story set after the end of Half-Life. Voted #8 in the Top Ten Half-Life Add-ons by PC Gamer magazine in May 2000.


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After Half-Life ended with Gordon Freeman being put in Stasis, Many modders wanted to continue the original story. Delieverance was one of those mod that did it right.

Delieverance follows where the story seemingly stopped, But instead in the mod.. Gordon Freeman is on the move to teach a lesson to the Gman.

The mod can get very hard at times because there is an empasses on Protecting and escorting scientists, and getting past areas while in stealth.. Still this makes the mod exciting.

As with many of the original story mods, The base Half-Life weapons are around for use (or the HD pack weapons) but some weapons only are gotten later in the mod.

Weperlol says
9 Weperlol

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A sweet classic. this mod is still as good as I remember, good mapping, good story, 2 endings not many mods do that :P, great cut-scenes can challenging at times especially on the first ending :D

A must play.


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A very good mod indeed, one of the best I have played. It is incredibly well-designed, and the idea for two separate endings is something great which I have not seen in a mod before.

A couple of minor annoyances throughout was that the constant reliance on keeping two scientists alive became frustrating after a while, and I also found the AI's path-finding untrustworthy at times.

But on the whole, a very excellent mod. Definitely sets the standard for mods made everywhere.

Loulimi says
9 Loulimi

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Good Gameplay, level-design.

Rakym says
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Nov 3rd, 2011

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