The year is 2055, more than thirty years after the events of Zero Hour, Earth suffers a catastrophic collision with meteorites. The world is thrown into turmoil as large swathes of land are annihilated. Four factions, the ADF (Asian Democratic Federation), WEA (West European Alliance), WLF (World Liberation Front), and AC (American Confederacy) are at war for control of the remaining already harder to find resources as well as the preservation of their nations and geopolitical interests. Welcome to Deep Impact.

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i always wanted a mod that bases in future in destroyed earth and stuff :) and now i got it AMAZING, i am just waiting to play the mod then i well see and vote 10/10

i give 9/10 cause there is only one faction when i downloaded this game
:(( is there a problem in this game or is it just me when i installed the game or is it only really one faction,, reply quick pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssss

It starts pretty well. Thee infantry does not seem to have the new model but apart from that I like it so far!

You can tell this mod is going to be amazing even after only playing behind one faction. It has the potential to become the best CNC Generals Zero Hour mod to date!

Very good, espically for a beta of a Mod.

The only concern: The UAN have WAY too much Fire/Napalm based weapons.


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