Decadence is a 2 vs. 2 multiplayer first-person shooter that combines the personal relationship to characters and surroundings of single-player games with an adrenaline filled multiplayer experience. Decadence pits two teams against each other in a fight over territorial control. Each map is designed in small stages to offer more compact and action filled gameplay that puts focus on teamwork.

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Decadence has been in development for over one and a half years by a small group of University students, and the time has finally come to unveil the mod for the rest of the community!

Posted by Majestic_XII on Mar 28th, 2009

After a sneak-release on FilePlanet on the 27th the Decadence Development Team is now ready to show off Decadence for everyone. It's been a very interesting experience to develop Decadence, and we're really proud of the end result. We hope you all will enjoy it as much as we did developing it! From everyone in the Decadence Development Team: Thank you for the support and patience! So, what are you waiting for? Go download Decadence, we'll see you in-game!

In-Game In-Game
Character Shots In-Game

Stay tuned for further updates in the near future!

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Pheist Mar 29 2009, 3:02pm says:

It would be a better game with more servers or players. I usually end up being a spectator. I don't usually have the patience to wait around until someone else decides to quit. The game would benefit from a selection where there was 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc. I do think it would be redonkulous to go past that amount though. Officially, it looks good though I can't say I have been given then chance to play; other than being a spectator.

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noyart Mar 29 2009, 3:07pm says:

The game was okay. 2 vs 2 = booring

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5omeone Mar 29 2009, 5:39pm says:

the truth hurts, devs:

don't bother. terrible mod. i'll be blunt:

too dark (even with HDR activated. Why's the bright areas that should be white as snow tinted grey? oh, right, it's too dark) and annoying

infinite ammo, which isn't a bad thing, but it is with tranqs. takes one second to reload tranqs. tranq obviously hinders movement and turning ability which make you too easy of a target once you get hit

heavy is a pointless class as of now because of above reasons; never get close enough and if you do, you get tranqed and shot from behind

scouts fire in burst which sucks when fighting one another seeing as your guns are perfect in every way - they're too OP as it is. might as well go all the way and make it auto so they can at least fight eachother

if it's 1 vs. 2 (because you will NEVER get a full server where someone actually, you know, stays around. this is the real world, btw), the two players will always destroy the one player because the maps are so CQB

maps have good design but have too many blockades. it's not even cover - it's just annoying.

speed up the rounds. seriously. cap times shouldn't take five minutes - make it five seconds. if you even get CLOSE ENOUGH to the point (you won't), it's luck enough. it's impossible to actually get anywhere seeing as you'll be fighting for turf for two hours just to win. this makes being a spectator useless and therefore your community won't last

summary: EVERYONE should die in one or two hits. tranqs aren't needed in later updates - they're just grief weapons.

this mod is for trolls and only for trolls. have fun!

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Squeebo Mar 29 2009, 11:40pm replied:

Well, you're wrong about pretty much everything. I do agree that there are too many blockades(Invisible walls) though.

3v3 would be nice, too.

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sniped007 Mar 30 2009, 12:33am replied:

i disagree. This mod is great. i think that the machine gun should be more powerful(it takes like most of the clip to kill one guy)

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Commander1985 Mar 29 2009, 6:13pm says:

looks like u should check ur configuration.
i have turned everything up and i like the graphics, not to dark for me what map did u play on??

To the devs, 2vs2 really sucks pls make the teams bigger :D
More classes or weapons would be nice too,or the game gets to boring to soon...

P.s. I just played on a server with a guy called cold_blooded... hes just teamkillin what was really annoying especially because there is no votekick -.-

Besides that i think its a good mod, keep up the work !

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PrivRyan Mar 29 2009, 11:42pm says:

2 vs 2 is actually fun in my opinion
u get to actually cooperate with just one teammate and instead of like 24 other ppl which encourages teamplay I thinks
i praise its originality :D
recoil on have gunners ridiculous tho :D
expect to make alot of buds on this game if ur just now tryin it out :D

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sniped007 Mar 30 2009, 12:26am says:

after i installed the dedicated server thing, how to i create one?

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doublethink Mar 30 2009, 12:59am says:

I've seeded 3.27 GB of the torrent to help you guys out.

Good luck with the mod, I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

There's 24 other seeders with me. =)

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OrigamiDuck Mar 30 2009, 3:31am says:

Game looks pretty sweet, however there are currently a total of 0 players for me to play with. ^^;;;

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BrokenTripod Mar 30 2009, 5:00am replied:

Check the folder you installed the mod into.

If it's Decadence, with a CAPITAL D, then you need to rename it to decadence, with LOWERCASE D.

I think this is only a problem with the non-torrented version?

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Holodoctor Mar 30 2009, 8:08am says:

Downloading right now.
Looks sweet.
Lets hope that there are enough players online.

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rellik_pt Mar 30 2009, 10:33am says:

i have to agree 2vs2 is boring, one guy afk and the gameplay is ruin

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RogerRamjet Mar 30 2009, 4:40pm says:

I find it unbelievable that so many are just trashing this mod. It is a FIRST release. Instead of,

"Der, it crashing, crashing. So boring, no people to club on server, ug, evewy fing wong, der, did I say ug already?"

This mod was made by some young college guys and gals. What they have done in the time frame they had, is BRILLIANT. They started with a concept, kept to their guidelines and released a mod, which, 5 years ago would have been hailed the best mod to ever be released! (Almost.. lol)

So you mod thugs, comments should be constructive with direction and not just mostly what a large number of you have done, and is complain and flame. (Kudos to those who didn't!)

Great work Decadence Team, superb first release. With a few map fixes here and there and maybe toying with allowing servers to set to maybe 8 per side to see how it plays?.. this will be a mod that people will remember. Oh, also, ratched down some of the animations for the weapons, and add a few events when capturing a water node that audibly and visually heightens the anticipation of capture. Great work once again.

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manhunt0r Apr 1 2009, 5:02pm replied:

uhm so your point is, if hard work produces something that looks, feels and smells like **** we should still call it a rose?

my 2 cents since i bothered typing anyway: it looks good, thats all.
it is laughable to have only two weapons, period. (and the fact that they are unbalanced is actually quite an achievement)
i did feel the idea behind 2 on 2, but this simply doesnt work out, it aint a lan party out there.
the levels are nicely designed but that goes to waste due to all the invisible walls.

really cant see a future for this mod, unless the core elements are changed.

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RogerRamjet Apr 2 2009, 12:22pm replied:

My comments were about those who flame mods rather than give constructive criticism. Anyone who knows a little about modding, has a little talent, inspiration and a willingness to learn, and we are not talking about gaming thugs, knows that yes, you want to hear what is wrong with the mod, but would like to hear ways to improve it, not just comments that brainless twits dribble from the side of their mouth in between toilet breaks and scratching themselves.

At least you pointed out what was wrong with the mod and some suggestion and what should be fixed to improve it. But, anyone who would not state truthfully which country they live in and what age they are, should decide if they should comment on the hard working design teams work or not.

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manhunt0r Apr 2 2009, 7:45pm replied:

Germany, Bad Homburg. 26.08.1988
now what in the name of the holy **** has changed?

internet IS anonymous in the ways of communication, and there is nothing you can do against the kids polluting it, unless you want to *** it up.
and btw, i still dont ******* get the hell anything but the age matters.

the mod is simply so bad that normally i wouldnt bother commenting, and i understand the people who simply say **** it, to make this enjoyable you have to change all the bloody mechanics, so why even bother explaining anything when every ******* element of the gameplay is but a joke.
i can only imagine that it was made as a student project in which case its totally fine, since its a functioning game with new textures, models and all. however i can say for myself that i would definitely be embarrassed releasing something like this officially as a mod to be played.

hmm i wonder if im an arrogant arse.(rhetorical question)

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zombieOnion Apr 1 2009, 9:11am says:

Mod looks good.
Hard to play though.

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Terminal58 Apr 2 2009, 11:05pm says:


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LW-Samlan Apr 7 2009, 4:52pm says:

Too much recoil! I love the concept and the design but the recoil on the heavy gun is just ridiculous and makes the game not fun for me...Also some north american servers would be nice, playing with 200 ping was not very enjoyable lol.

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