Decadence is a 2 vs. 2 multiplayer first-person shooter that combines the personal relationship to characters and surroundings of single-player games with an adrenaline filled multiplayer experience. Decadence pits two teams against each other in a fight over territorial control. Each map is designed in small stages to offer more compact and action filled gameplay that puts focus on teamwork.

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Decadence has been in development for over one and a half years by a small group of University students, and the time has finally come to unveil the mod for the rest of the community!

Posted by Majestic_XII on Mar 28th, 2009

After a sneak-release on FilePlanet on the 27th the Decadence Development Team is now ready to show off Decadence for everyone. It's been a very interesting experience to develop Decadence, and we're really proud of the end result. We hope you all will enjoy it as much as we did developing it! From everyone in the Decadence Development Team: Thank you for the support and patience! So, what are you waiting for? Go download Decadence, we'll see you in-game!

In-Game In-Game
Character Shots In-Game

Stay tuned for further updates in the near future!

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mollstam Creator
mollstam Mar 28 2009 says:


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ZombieX Mar 28 2009 says:

Indeed it is! I'll download it right away

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Kamikazi[Uk] Mar 28 2009 says:

Looks like it will be a nice little mod. ?? The download is only fileshack.

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moon_monk Mar 28 2009 says:

Don't understand what to do with the Decadence1.0.0-setup[1] file.. I saved it and when I double click on it I have to choose a program from a list.

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iMoo Mar 28 2009 says:

AMAZING MOD. Just needs mor US Servers

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PytoX Mar 28 2009 says:

Great :) Downloading immediately.

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Shirik345x Mar 28 2009 says:

Just install it - getting Game Crash on startup =/ Seriosly - What the Hell?!

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MrTambourineMan Mar 28 2009 replied:

Try disabling steam community overlay in-game.In steam go to File-Settings-In-Game- uncheck Enable Steam Community.

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badtrip712 Mar 28 2009 replied:

same here :(

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Mischa_Silden Mar 28 2009 says:

Looks like its time to play >:D

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Varsity Mar 28 2009 says:

The installer doesn't know where to put the mod! This is a very nasty error because the mod's folder name is used as it's identifier - if two people guess at it differently they'll be incompatible with each other.

Presumably the name is decadence...but is the first letter upper or lower case?

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Varsity Mar 28 2009 replied:

It's lowercase.

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klemen1702 Mar 28 2009 says:

ok game has potential but with no servers we will newer know

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Majestic_XII Author
Majestic_XII Mar 28 2009 replied:

I'm currently running 6 servers on my machine. I can see around 20 servers running. We had over 30 servers running yesterday. You server browser might be acting up?

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KingAciD Mar 28 2009 says:

I played it.
Its very good!

But 4 Players only? Thats really too little!
Thats the reason people will play it just sometimes cause theres not really teambased action.

Its tactical, yeah... But so the replayability is not high.

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gamechaser002 Mar 28 2009 replied:

exactly why i gave up on it five minutes after installing it

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AlexCrafter Mar 28 2009 says:

Oh that is so fun. I just wish servers were limited to four players, when spectators join I always have to fight to get a position as a character.

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OkeiDo Mar 28 2009 says:

This is a great first release and I'm glad that it's finally available to the public. Awesome work everyone :)

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ThatTrunkMonkey Mar 28 2009 says:

*downloads as fast as I can*

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Bird_of_Prey Mar 29 2009 says:

Cheers! Downloading...

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BrokenTripod Mar 29 2009 says:

There needs to be a way to kick someone if they are TKing a lot.

Currently there's no way, and it's just frustrating if there's a lot of people spectating.

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awesomepossum Mar 29 2009 says:

Really neat mod. The level design and art direction is fantastic, My only complaint is that the respawn timer is a little long for only two people on each team. You die and then like 15 secs later you spawn, and the water node is already 1/4 captured by the other team.

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Silverfisk Mar 29 2009 replied:

I think that's kinda the point, you need to actually get something out of killing the enemy, in this case it's ~20s extra to take over the node.

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Daystranger Mar 29 2009 says:

Well. My 2 cents:
* 2vs2 is a joke. Period.
NO tactics. NOT in this game.
* If both members of the team are wiped out, another are free to get from 5 to 10% of capture right away for free.
(Introduce instant respawn then both are dead)
* If one team camps CP they're almost immortal. Health regen just adds to this.
Especially and deathrow map. The team which gets to CP first, wins.

This could be solved by adding more players. 2 campers and 1 respawning vs 3 attacking, for example, got REAL chance of dying while shamelessly camping CP.

Also there should be some boost for loosing team. Then one team is camping the whole game and they got like 80% of capture, another team captures the point(while loosing teammate for example) and they got NOTHING. One man could get maybe 10% of capture before wipe and point camping of the other team.

Maps are nicely done. Thats all. Anything else is... well... not as good.

For now - UNINSTALL.

Think. Improve. Get players.

Thank you.

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mikboy Mar 29 2009 replied:

I agree almost u said.

2 vs 2 really boring, this is not the way to let player team up.
Weapons, not much to say, failed.

Decadence need a lot improvement for gameplay.

But, I like the art style, it catch my eye.

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Silverfisk Mar 29 2009 replied:

IMO it's really great as it is, I find many chances to deploy different tactics and so on. I think it'd be interesting to see how 3v3 would play out though. What I like about this is that it's so easy to stay organized since you're so few, maybe 3 on each team is the perfect balance.

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Scriabin Mar 31 2009 replied:

De gustibus non est disputandum
If 2 v 2 isn't your cup of tea, go somewhere else.

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rex989 Mar 29 2009 says:

wow alot of new people here

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explorer7 Mar 29 2009 says:

I wonder why there is no one playing this new mod! I went on earlier and there were only 11 people playing in the whole world!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Daystranger Mar 29 2009 replied:

Thats cos mod is unbalanced and poorly supported.
They locked it from open beta. Now get that you deserve in "release".

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NightSage Mar 29 2009 replied:

Because you can only have up to 4 people on a team not many people can jump in and play. Since everyone can't play alot of people myself included just uninstall the mod. The mod needs more players at least 4 vs 4 or more and more weapon variety.

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Shirik345x Mar 29 2009 says:

DAmn this game - its crashing, crashing, crashing. And nobody answer me at Decadence feedback. (I also tryed to create 3 accounts there, but i cant activate none of them). Deleting it now

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Silverfisk Mar 29 2009 replied:

I haven't had a single crash, no bugs either. Unluck you.

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InStars Mar 29 2009 says:

Nice to have a .torrent mirror too ;)

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Wheeze201 Mar 29 2009 says:

I love the fact there are so few players.. it's really not fun to play when there are like 50 players on the same server.

you last like 5 seconds in those servers.

But just one thing that i hate so much about this game.. the burst fire the scout has.. JESUS CHRIST it's so annoying. It's like ruining the spirit of the game. Seriously, it's horrible. The burstfire.

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Silverfisk Mar 29 2009 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Wheeze201 Mar 29 2009 says:

Yeah and the heavy gunner has the most ridiculous recoil effect ever.

It's just not fun. It barely requires aiming skill in this game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Daystranger Mar 29 2009 replied:

Well it depends on server. I've played on 2 servers(on of them is my own) there recoil is ok.
On third one gun was just flying up high while shooting. Like I'm some 5 year old kid with minigun.

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PrivRyan Mar 29 2009 replied:

geezus the recoils are different on each server? D:
i can't stand the recoil on the have gunner :((( makes me not want to play my favorite class D:

+1 vote     reply to comment
q0rra Mar 29 2009 says:

Nevermind my comment about the tranq-gun. It's awesome O_O

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lez Mar 29 2009 says:

I think you guys are being too harsh on it.
What it does, it does well.

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klemen1702 Mar 29 2009 says:

my bad i had it on LAN WTF :D NOOB :)

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koddak99 Mar 29 2009 says:

i love how some people are giving bad comments , i played it for 10 mins and was hooked ^^

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Silverfisk Mar 29 2009 replied:

Same here, instant hook!

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DreamOo Mar 29 2009 says:

well great game, but pleasssseeee you need more characters and a bigger arsenal.
i searched you forums, but their was not even one entry about that.
diffrent characters and weapons would make it more tactical. maybe you could implementate the arsenal with the achievements (steam)...

PS.: but the first release does what it should ;) i just wanted to post my suggestions here :P

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sauerfreak Mar 29 2009 says:

W00t! :DDD

+2 votes     reply to comment
Iwazaru Mar 29 2009 says:

Best 2v2 hl² mod ever !

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Tron619 Mar 29 2009 replied:

that is because ITS the ONLY 2V2 mod

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Silverfisk Mar 29 2009 replied:

All hail originality! :-D

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dekdence Mar 29 2009 says:

Uhm...Nice mod and all that but I can't even get it work.I have Orange Box..What should I do with MainInstall?? Thanks

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