Dead Spirits tells the story of a man seeking answers, or he may possibly be insane as the Cornell Resident is filled with instant silence and whispers from the dead.

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Really great mod!

The story was not very good to be honest...
The story is boring, events, rooms, monsters etc are not well connected to each others and the level design have some holes in it (I got stuck a couple of times) and the ending was so god dam lame and rushed.

I kinda enjoyed the creativity of the levels as well as some of the quests like the cannon and it was a long story, but in overall, not very good at all.

5/10 - Average


It was a pretty long story, which I liked, and it stayed kinda interesting all way through!

awesome :)

aweeesome ;D


bunansa says

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The custom story was awesomely made, very well done no doubt about it. However, a couple places I went to in the game spawned grunts right in front of me and I had hardly any ability to run. Also, the ending through me off, and I have no idea what to make of it. What happened to the main character??

Until I play it...


MattyJacko94 says

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Another very good custom story! The standard of this site and its' mods are very high which is beryh pleasing for me, a noobie to the world of Amnesia!!

This particular story flowed very nicely and was enjoyable throughout ... with a bit of tweaking here and there it would easily get a 10/10! one of the main things meant by this is that in some of the rooms you can see the castle walls from inside the bedrooms which is a shame but it doesn't take anything from the final product.

The addition of the new "monster" was very nice as i was getting tired of the same old creatures in every custom story (I'm not sure if she was supposed to kill you as she just stood infront of me on mine haha)

Very good CS, Well done!! :D

P.S I see why PewDiePie calls them "Untrusting Statues" 0.o


Just good

It is not bad. However the gameplay should be "richer" - more texts, items and so on, and the design should have had some more detail. The beginning wasn't very good, but then the game becomes more fun.

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