Dead Epidemic is a total conversion for the game Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddlers Green. The game contains a variety of new enhancements for a brand new single player experience.

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Here is a basic F.A.Q. article for Dead Epidemic. This should answer the most common questions on every one's mind. I will also update the list with new questions from the comments.

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Dead Epidemic F.A.Q Updated January 22nd, 2009

Q: Do I have to own Land of the Dead to play it?
A: Yes, you must have Land of the Dead installed in order to play the mod.

Q: If I don't own Land of the Dead, where can I purchase it?
You can still find it at some game stores. But the best place would be on Amazon or Ebay.

Q: Do I need a patch installed also?
Yes, the game must be patched up to v1.1.

Q: Will it overwrite my Land of the Dead files?
No. The game is in it's own directory.

Q: I can run Land of the Dead at a good frame rate, can I expect the same in Dead Epidemic?
Yes, if you can run Land of the Dead on high with a smooth frame rate, you will have no troubles playing.

Q: When will it be done?
When it's done. The date changes at the top of the page. Please do be patient with us, we have lives away from modding which takes away time from making the game.

Q: Will you support the game after release?
Of course. We have planned content for after the release to add features that we don't have time to do now.

Q: How many new weapons are included?
There are 15 weapons in the game. 10 ranged, and 5 melee. Every weapon has something unique, it is up to you to explore all of their features.

Q: Does it have multiplayer?
No, plans to support multiplayer after release are being discussed.

Q: What's Resurrection-Studios?
A: Resurrection-Studios is small game development community. They are responsible for mods such as Eternal Damnation, Burning out in Hollywood, Have A Nice Day, Postal 2: Oblivion, AWP, and MIND.

Q: What's Undeadgames?
A: Undeadgames is the official fan site of Land of the Dead. It is also the origin of Dead Epidemic. Visit the site to download custom LOTD content.

Q: Is it true you have vehicles?
Yes we have vehicles in the game, you use them in the Campaign and Free Roam Gametypes.

Q: How long is the Single Player campaign?
The single player campaign has 17 maps total, the time to complete these will vary on your skill.

Q: How long has the mod been in progress?
It has been in progress for over three years. In late 2007, we redid all the content in the game, which is why it's been delayed so much. We don't want to release something that's buggy.

Q: Does the mod have a custom soundtrack?
Yes, it was composed by Neurological, who was also responsible for Eternal Damnation's soundtrack.

Q: Compared to Land of the Dead, how many zombies are you putting in?
This is a zombie outbreak. Expect hordes of undead coming at you. Not one at a time like Land of the Dead did.

Q: What's left to do?
Gameplay stuff, optimization, code fixes, and other small things.

Q: Land of the Dead barely had any gore, does Dead Epidemic differ?
Yes! We redid the whole gore system. Expect tons of carnage.

Q: Is Dead Epidemic affiliated with Dead Awake?
A: No. We are a completely different mod.

Q: Does Dead Epidemic have a website?
Yes. It can be viewed Here. We just bought the domain, so it's not even close to being done yet.

Q: Slow or running zombies?
Slow zombies to keep up with the Romero theme.

Q: WHY should I play this?
It has everything Land of the Dead lacked. Graphics, features, gameplay, story line, carnage... and more zombies.


bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide quand on a fini waterfront dans dead epidemic je voulais savoir si il y avait une suite. Car j'ai cliqué sur lotd application 2009 et ça ne fonctionne pas mais je vous remercie pour le mod

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