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Dead country is a zombie mod for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising. Where you can Battle in intese firefights against the hordes of undead!

Story: Skira is home to one of the worlds biggest Biological Warfare facillitys, During a top secert Operation named: C.H.A.M (Cannibalistic Human Animal Mutation) was being tested on a small village. The first dose of the virus was given to a 28 year old man, who died 2 days later, The project was presumed a Failer and the sciencetists moved on, however the mans body Reanimated and killed 3 other people, within an hour the whole village was infected and the disease soon spread throughout the Island.
within 7 hours the Island was sent into Lockdown, but it was to late, most of the population was infected with a few Handful's of Survivors spread out across the island. At 3:54 AM the USMC was sent into the island to Eliminate the Infected before it could spreed across the world, YOU are one of these Marines, YOU have the power to end this! so lets just hope you are Trigger Happy.

The mod will contain many of the things the same and some differant things such as:

Vehicles: Yes thats right, have fun flying in a blackhawk and watching 50 zombies chase after you.
Weapons: every gun will be the same, no changes.
Players: The Humans will be the USMC and the infected (which shall be A.I) will be the PLA.
Gamemode: Their will be1 gamemode which is: Survial: Players must survive against the undead for a certian amout of time.
Maps: Some new maps will be Added Such as:
City- Urban Warfare at its finest!
Bridge- A bridge linking the main island with a small offcoast one.
And many more
WE ARE IN NEED OF A TEAM! so i you think you have the skills, Message me to join!
Project Leader: Piercerino
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Just a quick word, im still unsure about modding tools for this game, ill have to wait and see, Many people the the Level editor that came with the game can make maps, it only makes Singleplayer Missions, so i guess we will wait and see what happens. We must just give the game some time, in the meanwhile the mod will not really go anywhere until something happens. Sorry
(this doesnt mean were dead just on Hold)

What will the mod Contain?

What will the mod Contain?


Whats in the mod? What will be differant? How will i fight against the zombies? all of those are anserwed in here!

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l think its dead :'(

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I dont even have this game but good luck to you and if possible dont let this die or work on it for 2 years or more then release it and noone ever plays it.

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oo look another ******* zombie game

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Someone's ******.

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Piercerino Creator

its because he didnt get his sippy cup.

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i am truly excited for this mod. hopefully it gets up and running. good luck

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are you sure guys does the game really supports modding?! im not sure but i don't see in the game folder that can be modified and the format its like ".034 , .022 , .214" yeah you can search for softwares or how to open those file extensions but these files are totally unknown and so on the rest is nothing just 3 folders are in their "data,data_win,Mission Editor" nothing about particular on modding i don't think the game is MOD support no More ZOMBIES!..i do like the game but i got disappointed its not like what i'm expect like very huge improvements from old Operation Flashpoint if you played OFP then you probably think the same but you'll size of the game is only 5.3GB ...thats all..

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I guess i can help with audio...

just need to be able to crack open the files to mod...

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Actually, andrew, I don't think stealing content again would be the correct way to proceed. Didn't you learn your lesson from the Maps and M4 back in BF2? Maybe this will jog your memory:

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I really hope this works!

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