You play Sgt. Jacksen, a member of S.U.P.A. (Special Unit for Paranormal Accidents). You and your team are sent to an abandoned bunker, which was used by the army. Paranormal Accidents were reported in this bunker. But you and your team are not alone. Someone or something is in this bunker...

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Not even slightly scary.
The storyline is minimal and can be thought up by anyone in less than half a second.
The gameplay and mapping, especially object placement, is absolutely horrible and makes no sense, but then again, you can tell that by looking at the trailer. For example, the toilets with sandbags and a command terminal, with a freaking machinegun turned inward...

Enemy placement is just as bad, stacked to the notch on some places and completely empty on others which are supposed to be 'scary' because **** wiggles around a bit.

No thanks.


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