In this campaign you will visit the fictional city of Dawn, visit Anna's house, and of-course arrive at a carefully recreated Crossroads mall where an ever charming CJ will send you on a wild zombie hunt with custom created events and crescendo's optimized for a fast paced left 4 dead experience.

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To my shame, I haven't seen the movie this is based on. But now I must- this is one epic campaign. Tons of scripted events and cool details, and even fully-voiced (tho never seen) characters to guide the story along. I'll definitely need some more run-thrus to fully explore the maps- each stage is enormous, with plenty of side-paths to get you distracted and lost. And the mapwork is indeed brilliant- loads of details, great lighting (or in some cases, the lack thereof), good atmosphere, and a frantic but manageable pace with enough gear to get a team to the end.

My only quarrel is that some sequences are nearly impossible in solo mutations (like Single Player Realism). Several sequences require one to sit and hold an activator, and these sequences usually involve hordes. Without at least a bot or two for cover, you simply can't complete the objective.

Nevertheless, worth the big DL. This is a fun run, and should be even more fun once I rent Dawn of the Dead. :P


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