A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state wiped out by an unknown infection. Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.

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Great idea. Good execution. Plenty of players. however it is lacking in content and just things to do, but I trust it will come in time. Until that time I don't think I can play to much as I got bored quickly (first 20 hours) but I plan to come back to it. Great with friends.

Best zombie ever made but need to fix some bugs and hax

Good mod overall but had an unintended consequence of dumbing down the ArmA community, dominated MP servers and bringing in the wrong fanbase. Plus the list of bugs and crashes is yet to be addressed.

Day-Z Alpha:***: Paranoia Thy Name Is Day-Z:

Like many other mods out there, Day-Z for ARMA 2 seeks create a "realistic" zombie survival scenario. However, unlike many other mods out there, Day-Z has delivered this like no other. The product is an extremely immersible world that boasts 255skm of zombie infested environments to explore.

Set in Russia after an unknown infection sweeps the globe, turning much of the population in un-dead monstrosities, you take on the roll of a random survivor and from here, your path is whatever you choose. You can aimlessly wander the wastes of Russia, exploring and looting seemingly abandoned towns, you roam the landscape killing and pillaging other players, or you can join up with various groups, rebuild a car and travel in style.

On that note, survival is a major aspect of the game. You must find food, water, shelter as well as weapons in order to stay alive. Death is final in Day-Z, meaning that extra care must be taken in whatever you do, whether it be engaging a horde or climbing up a building.

Graphically, Day-Z is eye pleasing, using the simple graphics of the ARMA engine to it's full extent. Day-Z however frequently shows that it is in it's alpha stage as animation at times however, can be a little and on occasion player models will warp and distort themselves. There are also issues with spawning, where the player will lose all their travelling progress. Other problems such as losing all items if you fall in a body of water and a lack of melee combat (sadly due to engine limitations) also can cause some frustrating moments.

Despite these flaws, Day-Z's gameplay is solid and is something that zombie-survival fans have been looking for. The amount of work that has been put into Day-Z is extremely impressive and Day-Z is a must download for any zed-head out there and this reviewer looks forward to future releases.


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