A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state wiped out by an unknown infection. Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.

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Lured in by the premise of openworld zombie survival. Heavily dissapointed by the sheer lack of usability of the game.

The interface of the game is confusing and that's understating it. As a player you're never quite sure what's going on; various loading bars and screens glitching back into former menu's. Loadingbars resetting then continueing again.

There are a bunch of (beta) versions of ARMA: CO that are required (or not; it's never quite clear) for various versions of DayZ. So when you run into trouble it's very hard to determine what's causing it.

In game the interface for the inventory is incomprehensible for someone who's never played ARMA before.

The overall feeling for moving your character and shooting your gun is the exact opposite of a "twitch shooter" or arcade FPS like for instance quake 3. In fact it is so "realistic" that even a "realism shooter" like counterstrike source seems like an arcadegame compared to this. It simply doesn't feel like you're in control of your character very much.

The game suffers from graphical glitches such as big grey shapes blocking off your view or ingame objects stretching into oblivion.

I never thought I would say this, but this mod would actually benefit from consolification. Meaning it would benefit from the KISS formula (Keep It Stupid Simple) or Mies van der Rohe's "less is more" if you will. It's simply to inaccessible the way it is now. And that's coming from a gamer who absolutely loves the Stalker series and it's steep learning curve and hardcore appeal.

Very overrated and overhyped for being a mod similar to many others. I find other zombie mods to be much better than this one, considering this is a game of run as far as you can and see what kills you. 1/10 from me.

no... just no! do better!

Since I'm giving this mod a one, I guess that there should be some explanation. I love the concept, don't get me wrong. There are too many issues with the repeated scenarios that I, as a new DayZ player, am faced with. Here's what is happening. This isn't a technical issue. Just what happens when a new visitor to a game tries it out for the first time.

I'll spawn on a beach. Checking out my gear I have...
A bandage, can of beans, backpack, flashlight (no batteries)
So, I take off down the road or run into the woods. Then, I realize there's nothing to drink. So, off to find something.
Zombies, easy to deal with.
Find a lootable area. Yeah, not that hard.
In than out... no water.
Every time I've found a place with water or food.

Zip, smack, broken bones. Few more times, dead.
The "You are Dead" hand gets old really quick when you haven't played or been able to actually do anything in a game.

I've played plenty of tough games but, there is a loss for words when it comes to the experience of solo running in DayZ.

"Welcome to DayZ, you only play for a short time and forget the reason why you quit last time."

There is no rewarding feeling when playing this mod. Overall, great concept, extremely fail execution. Yes, I know it's Alpha. When it's done though? Gamers playing this for the first time aren't going to recommend it unless they have a group already.

"This is not co-op survival. It's just PvP with zombies on the side. There's no reason to be social here. Find a group elsewhere and hope they play long enough for you to actually do anything. Wait, there isn't anything to do here. Welcome to DayZ. :)"

I'm sure many of you are wondering how I could rate a mod 1/10.

Very simple.

Complete and total lack of any support system. Yes, I know this is being built by a couple volunteers and yes I know it's still in alpha, but it's been out for 7 months now and they haven' even acknowledged that there's a rather large issue for a lot of people who have the required expansion, but still can't play the game.

I'll give you a little bit more detail.

I have Arma 2: Reinforcements which has better textures and graphics and a more updated engine than just Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA. A2R comes with OA built into it, so you'd figure that I could just download this mod and play immediately.

You'd be wrong, and about 30 other people and climbing would agree with me. As of this moment I only found one fix and it's not exactly simple and not worth it to go through all the trouble for just a mod and the post for this issue has bee up for well over half the time that the mod's been out and not a single dev or staffer has even acknowledged it.

Now, if this DID suddenly get fixed (which I'd be willing to put money on that it won't) I'll change my review and give it a go, but till then, I'm leaving this review to warn others who have A2R, sorry for you too, but you can't play.


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