A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state wiped out by an unknown infection. Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.

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In following rating I am going to rate the standalone version released few months ago and so:
free open world
i can do what I want to
great experience
survival style with many possibilities
full life-need system(blood, bleeding, hunger, pain, sick, etc.)
225 km²
Placed somewhere in Rissia (not real place like in Stalker)
Minuses - ik its an alpha:
too big lenght of mod and standalone production and making of patches, fixes etc. (over 6 years - what I know, it all beginned in 2008, not 2012)
many buggs
Alpha looks like real alpha even after years of work...
useles zombies


The most catching mod i've ever played! I offered hundreds of Hours for playing it and hyping it! I'm looking forward to the Development of the Standalone!

Un exelente mod, realiste y muy divertido en donde el trabajo en equipo es la unica forma de sobrevivir


Super cool mod (and ofc the arma game itself) the only thing that isnt great , is the big hacker problem.
I have got some nice gear in the game once! And after when i logged in , there was a ahcaker who killed us all.
If there only was a way ro restorre ( rollback ) a server..
well , its a great mod anyways , 10/10

This game is quite good but the combat is awfull the zombies are laughable which is just not fun... I really wish they fixed it to be a bit more fun... than now

Very interesting idea. Mod gives awesome gameplay in almost realistic way, which is really fun. It does great work in simulating hipotetic zombie apocalypse. All the supplies, systems of blood, hunger etc. Just plain great!
There is one big, crappy thing about it - fighting with zombies is nonsense. You can clear out whole village and zombies shall spawn nearby in few seconds. That's not nice. Also, sometimes zombies get really buggy when moving.

Absolutely crazy fun with friends :) 10/10 would LAN again.


Best survival game EVER! PS: The zombies are just optional ;) it would be as good as it is know even without zombies

I really like this game because of it realistic features involved in it although they are buggy at the moment, but it is only a mod on another game. I also like the fact that they use more or less a military simulator ,which has been tweaked, from arma 2 made by Bohemia Interactive hich make military simulators to train actual armed forces.

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