DayHard is a single player modification for Half-Life 2 which places you in the shoes of Gordon Freeman's not-so-famous brother, Morgan. It's a comedy/action adventure.

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fantastic mod that broke new ground with HL2, showing some of the amazing possibilities with minimal effort put in

A classic :)

The mod itself has an odd sense of humor (Which isn't a bad thing) and the level design and gameplay are great. There are some hiccups in pacing and difficulty jumps here and there, not to mention installing the mod and making it run properly may be too much for some players (Although the newest patches are easy to apply now), this mod is nothing a Half-life 2 mod fan should miss :)


Awesome Classic


Overall a very well done mod! I also enjoyed the music, which greatly enhances the fantastic atmosphere.


Very old mod. Classic.

It's so good that I still have it from when it first came out, not from ModDb...

Just a classic, and a nice Half-Life 2 mod :)

Awesome mod!

Dumb mod

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