After a long break due to a breakdown of the original team, we are merging the Purgation of Kaurava and Firestorm over Kaurava modifications. This modification is the result of that merge and will STILL be Firestorm over Kaurava.

Melooo/yooo has been very generous in allowing the two modifications to merge and baz4431 has been heading the recent team reorganisation!

Expect more news as we progress; a Soulstorm version of the modification isn't that long away!

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Chaos Featurette! (01/02/2013) Chaos Featurette! (01/02/2013) Chaos Featurette! (01/02/2013)
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9 comments by Gorb on Feb 1st, 2013

Today's news feature is bringing people up to speed on the Forces of Chaos in DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava!

The artwork, and a lot of the code behind it, comes directly from Melooo's efforts while involved with FoK and his own mod; Purgation of Kaurava. Squads gain visual upgrades as you unlock specific researches! What you see is here an Iron Warriors-themed force with not a lot of research unlocked!

Later on in the game, I chose the a siege-based Trait (Iron Warriors in all but name) over the Zealous Trait and my Chaos Lord and Chaos Marines changed to something more . . . Iron :) Conversely, the Zealous upgrade takes your Undivided force more in the direction of the Word Bearers . . . in all but name.

This allows you to create your own custom Chapters and warbands, but still get the great gameplay of the Traitor Legions of Chaos!

The current internal build is quite polished; Mirage Knight is doing excellent work behind the scenes. Our aim is to get it as refined as we can through internal testing, as the game mechanics aren't solid yet.

Check out our Images gallery for some previews! More screenshots to come when I get time!

Iron Within, Iron Without!

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Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch

Jun 28, 2014 Patch 42 comments

What I uploaded was actually an older version. This patch updates a bunch of unit stats and costs and also adds a few others. To install, simply extract...

Beta Firestorm over Kronus

Beta Firestorm over Kronus

Jun 27, 2014 Full Version 56 comments

Here's the first version of FoK for Soulstorm! Compared to the DC version, Firestorm over Kaurava features a completely revamped combat system, plus new...

Firestorm over Kaurava Beta

Firestorm over Kaurava Beta

Jun 27, 2014 Full Version 8 comments

How to install: -Extract the .rar inside your Dawn of War Soulstorm directory. -Open the new DoW40K_SS folder and then the for_root_dow_ss_directory folder...

DoW40K:FoK 3.6 - Release Candidate 4530

DoW40K:FoK 3.6 - Release Candidate 4530

Jun 3, 2010 Full Version 175 comments

This is a fairly recent internal build of the mod. Uploaded here cause some people are having trouble with the megaupload link, however it still requires...

FoK 3.5 .exe

FoK 3.5 .exe

Sep 19, 2009 Full Version 48 comments

For those of you having trouble installing the manual version/prefer .exes

FoK Map Pack

FoK Map Pack

Sep 14, 2009 Full Version 8 comments

This is a collection of maps you can use with FoK's 3.5 release. Enjoy!

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fm025 Jul 23 2014, 3:38pm says:

First of all, I wish to state that this mod is really GREAT in all terms, gameplay changes, features, and optics, and that anyone interested in WH40k should really play this! When this is finished (and some day hopefully includes Tyranids), this will probably be like the best WH40k game out there. Actually, the only thing that really keeps me from playing it even now is probably the opponent´s AIs; because, for example, even those that are (initially) working well would at times decrease their level of activity rather drastically later on and all of them keep attacking structures with units that can´t harm them. But, since the developers are already well aware of that area, I won´t go into further detail here, instead addressing some other issues below.

I can think of 3 intentional gameplay elements that, while probably having some kind of TT background (though I´m not sure about that), may not make as much sense given the different game mechanics here, while at the same time they, frankly, seem rather silly by any real world measure. These are:
1) The fact that whole squads charge into CC as soon as 1 member gets involved in it, which leads to rather ridiculous situations; like when that single Ork, after having slain his opponent from the squad his pals are fighting, charges the foremost one of the scouts firing in from behind, and the latter´s dumb colleagues, instead of shooting the attacker, run forward for quite some distance to get slaughtered in melee. This is quite a standard situation in Marines vs. Orks battles and, combined with the really short range of that weapon, makes it also quite risky to just throw in a grenade.
2) The fact that I need separate versions of units in order to transport them by vehicles. I should think that, even for Ork standards of intellect, it shouldn´t pose much of a challenge to get on a truck and ride along.
3) I´d also guess that if a thing called a “fragmentation grenade” goes off near me, I´d be pretty ******.


+1 vote     reply to comment
fm025 Jul 23 2014, 3:42pm replied:

adding some random bug reports I can think of right now, just in case there´s something no one else noticed so far:
- The warboss´s (shouldn´t it be called Waaagh!-Boss, btw) attack squig won´t show up
- When I rotate the camera so to completely horizontal, and zoom in, I´m sometimes able to see “below” terrain surface, showing a light blue “background”; in fact, really flat terrain gets to look entirely like a clear lake with things “above” it being “reflected” in it
- On the map called Haine´s Demise, a long, thin, needle-shaped, shadow-like artefact, attached to Space Marine HQs, appears
- My units would sometimes just stand around and allow themselves to get slaughtered
- On other occasions, while on that supposedely defensive yellow what´s-it´s-name stance, they would charge enemy structures rather far away, and, I belief, out of at least their own sight
- Those flame effects from the Inquisition´s towers look rather a little big to say the least, especially when considering the fact that they don´t even do area damage
- The Inquisitor, instead of dying normally, will just freeze and sink into the ground
- In general, most corpses will disappear, even with that what´s-its-name setting on “high”
- My loading times have increased quite a lot (don´t know if anything can be done about this though)
- the game sound, is not nearly as loud as in the unmodded game
- there´s seemingly also rather a lot of metallic ringing as soon as close combat ensues, with rather little of that sweet chainsaw motor melody I love so much, even with only chainsaws in a fight, but this might also be because of the ****** ear phones I´m forced to use at the moment
- the lower left unit icon on the menu for that Eldar “barracks”-kind of thing shows some numerical code instead of a name
- once, it seemed 2 me like the Ork AI was charging a unit it wasn´t supposed 2 see because it was infiltrated

Otherwise, thank u very much for that cool mod, and continue the great work!!

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onard Jul 26 2014, 6:41am replied:

Now for your second post:
-We currently have no model to represent the attack squig.
-The camera sometimes does kinda funny effects when you put it in extreme positions. That's way outside my field of expertise, as I have no experience with DoW graphics manipulations.
-See above.
-Units sometimes standing still and letting themselves get killed is a known bug that unfortunately we couldn't found the reason for yet. However you can quickly correct it by simply ordering the unit to Stop (keyboard shortcut S), and then they should start fighting back.
-Maybe you were using tank bustaz? They have the Glory Hogs ability that makes them automatically chase and attack any tanks or buildings on the map if left idle.
-They do area damage, the area is just indeed smaller than the animation.
-Animation problems. Outside my field of expertise. Did I mention we really could use some animators?
-See above.
-I believe some older members of the team decided the vanilla sounds were somewhat too high. Well, you can simply turn on your computer's sound louder.
-This mod has a quite high number of extra stuff, so longer loading times are to be expected.
-Hmmm, I think it may be your earphones as well.
-Will see to it.
-Ork big mek has an ability to detect infiltrated units at distance.

Thank you for your support!

+1 vote     reply to comment
onard Jul 26 2014, 6:40am replied:

Ok, let's see if I can reply to all of that:
1)Following tabletop, every member of a squad is either fighting in melee or shooting. That's also an hardcoded game mechanic. Otherwise it would kinda suck for low-numbers elite melee units, since they would still be taking shots from the enemy special guns even when in close and personal.
2)Again following on tabletop, there's a limit to how many troops a single transport can carry. Jamming 30 ork boyz in a single trukk or 30 guardsmen in a single chimera is just something that shouldn't happen. Due to engine limitations however, we need separate squads with different max sizes to code whetever they can be loaded inside transports or not.
3)Frag grenades do cause morale damage, but by itself isn't enough to break a squad consisting of bloodthirsty aliens/hardboiled warriors.

+1 vote     reply to comment
fm025 Jul 26 2014, 1:31pm replied:

Thanks for that extensive reply. As for 1), I´m sorry, I just didn´t get that it was already in the unmodded game, hadn´t played it for a while. 2) makes perfect sense now, of course. In fact, I almost thought that, but was apparently too lazy too check, sorry for that as well. Still not really confident with 3) though, but well.. As for all the stuff in my second posting, that shouldn´t be a complaint, but was rather an intended possible help for you in finding some of those little things (you probably understood that, just wanted to make sure). As for the units that attack over maybe a little too large a distance (at least I got that impression at the time), to pick that one out again, I first realized that with ordinary Space Marines. As for the sound, I really think that the max level may be a little low, at least for people with ****** sound systems (glad I´m not one of them, not normally). But hey, that´s just details, there´s a lot of great work in that mod already.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sgnl05 Jul 15 2014, 8:50am says:

Is it just me or are guard squads missing the option to take heavy weapon teams like they could in old versions of the mod? Is it a bug or deliberate? I don't know why you'd take something like that out though, one of my favorite things about the mod was that you could actually get heavy weapons for infantry squads like in the codex...

+1 vote     reply to comment
bloodtitan Jul 15 2014, 10:37am replied:

I.G. were revised into more codex 'friendly' versions, heavy weapon support teams now come as individual units (or at least i think thats how it works if my memory serves me right) also they would come under the infantry per ratter than the armor/tank perk

+1 vote     reply to comment
onard Jul 15 2014, 11:01am replied:

Correct, MK decided to keep heavy weapons in specialized squads, that now come in groups of four instead of three. Basic guardsmen can pick up four special weapons now however.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sgnl05 Jul 15 2014, 7:24pm replied:

Thanks for the reply. It just seems like an unnecessary change to me. It isn't really more codex 'friendly' no matter which way you look at it since IG have always been able to take heavy weapons in their regular squads and this has been in every edition. If you have to deviate from the codex for balance reasons then sure, but was it actually unbalanced?

+1 vote     reply to comment
bloodtitan Jul 15 2014, 7:54am says:

Heya, been a LONG time since i've been on the scene, are the updates being made simply the last release of the FoK internal version? I remember as when i was last involved with FoK i ended up supporting Meloo with his PoK version. Did not think FoK was still goin?

+1 vote     reply to comment
onard Jul 15 2014, 10:59am replied:

I picked up the FoK Internal version with MK's permission and "cleaned" it up as best as I could to get a public release done after so much time. Like properly spreading the Dark Eldar units over 3 tiers, standardizing costs, and a bunch of other details.

MK's been quite busy for the last months and couldn't update, so I offered to help and I'm doing most of the coding work right now. When I update enough stuff in the internal to believe it justifies a new patch, I'll release it.

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Blackwolf001 Jul 14 2014, 10:08pm says:

Absolutely love this mod, it's pretty much the only thing keeping the old Dawn of War games going. But I've found a few issues with balance.

The Necrons seemed to be a little over powered as their gauss rifles seem to be able to damage any tier of building whereas Tau pulse rifles (which should be better) cannot. However I haven't looked into this issue as much.

However, the Eldar bright lances are outright broken. They fire a shot which seems to leave an effect after which kills most squads in 1 or 2 shots at max. Furthermore the bright lance managed to one hit most buildings and when tested against a baneblade took it out in three shots.

Other than a few bugs keep up the good work :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
onard Jul 15 2014, 6:34am replied:

Gauss Rifles are supposed to be able to hurt any kind of armor as per their codex. They always score a glancing hit on a 6 for penetration, regardless of the target's armor value. Tau pulse rifles are better against infantry.

Eldar brightlances on the other hand are bugged, their current reload time is zero, meaning they're actually shooting much, much faster than what you can see, and that results in them killing stuff way too fast. It's one of the things we've already fixed when preparing the new patch.

Speaking of which, we would like fixing the AI for the next patch as well, however that's taking longer than expected. Would people like a patch that fixes eldar brightlances and some other bugs, plus a few new units, but no AI improvements?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Calgar Jul 15 2014, 8:29am replied:

Bug fix patch would be nice, and then a AI patch. Also would give you guys some breathing room and may (totally guessing here) fix or cause some AI bugs to not happen as much.

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