After a long break due to a breakdown of the original team, we are merging the Purgation of Kaurava and Firestorm over Kaurava modifications. This modification is the result of that merge and will STILL be Firestorm over Kaurava. Read More...

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Today's news feature is bringing people up to speed on the Forces of Chaos in DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava!

The artwork, and a lot of the code behind it, comes directly from Melooo's efforts while involved with FoK and his own mod; Purgation of Kaurava. Squads gain visual upgrades as you unlock specific researches! What you see is here an Iron Warriors-themed force with not a lot of research unlocked!

Later on in the game, I chose the a siege-based Trait (Iron Warriors in all but name) over the Zealous Trait and my Chaos Lord and Chaos Marines changed to something more . . . Iron :) Conversely, the Zealous upgrade takes your Undivided force more in the direction of the Word Bearers . . . in all but name.

This allows you to create your own custom Chapters and warbands, but still get the great gameplay of the Traitor Legions of Chaos!

The current internal build is quite polished; Mirage Knight is doing excellent work behind the scenes. Our aim is to get it as refined as we can through internal testing, as the game mechanics aren't solid yet.

Check out our Images gallery for some previews! More screenshots to come when I get time!

Iron Within, Iron Without!

We're back!

We're back!

2 years ago News 29 comments

We're back! After a long break due to RL issues and team inactivity, the Firestorm mod returns with some of the original team members!

3.7 update and streams!

3.7 update and streams!

4 years ago News 17 comments

A quick update on the in-progress/"final" build for Dark Crusade, worked on by Fuegan of the FoK team!

Top 100

Top 100

5 years ago News 7 comments

Firestorm over Kaurava has once again achieved a spot in the top 100 mods! Lets hope we can get into the top 10!

RC4530 is live!

RC4530 is live!

5 years ago News 17 comments

Release Candidate 4530 for FoK Forums Members Only

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Beta Firestorm over Kaurava 2

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava 2

8 months ago Full Version 71 comments

New public release! Working and improved AI for all factions, many gameplay fixes, several new units, models and textures! Now in slimmer version! The...

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch

1 year ago Patch 44 comments

What I uploaded was actually an older version. This patch updates a bunch of unit stats and costs and also adds a few others. To install, simply extract...

Beta Firestorm over Kronus

Beta Firestorm over Kronus

1 year ago Full Version 61 comments

Here's the first version of FoK for Soulstorm! Compared to the DC version, Firestorm over Kaurava features a completely revamped combat system, plus new...

Firestorm over Kaurava Beta

Firestorm over Kaurava Beta

1 year ago Full Version 8 comments

How to install: -Extract the .rar inside your Dawn of War Soulstorm directory. -Open the new DoW40K_SS folder and then the for_root_dow_ss_directory folder...

DoW40K:FoK 3.6 - Release Candidate 4530

DoW40K:FoK 3.6 - Release Candidate 4530

5 years ago Full Version 177 comments

This is a fairly recent internal build of the mod. Uploaded here cause some people are having trouble with the megaupload link, however it still requires...

FoK 3.5 .exe

FoK 3.5 .exe

6 years ago Full Version 48 comments

For those of you having trouble installing the manual version/prefer .exes

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NosferPanda Jul 15 2015 says:

Can I play campaign mode with this mod? Or is it just skirmish?

+1 vote     reply to comment
UnrealDirektor Jul 16 2015 replied:

Just skirmish.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Truefell Jul 19 2015 replied:

Will there be a campaign enabled sometime?

+1 vote     reply to comment
rlparks Jul 15 2015 says:

do I need the tyranids mod for this?

+1 vote     reply to comment
onard Jul 15 2015 replied:

No. Tyranids will be included in the next FoK public release, and will be independent from other mods as Undirector coded them from the ground up by himself.

+4 votes     reply to comment
firefish9 Jul 13 2015 says:

I'm not sure if you guys are working on this or if this is a major issue anyone is concerned with, but while I understand that Firestorm over Kronus was 5th ed because of its release date (maybe early 6th), I was kind of hoping, due to the addition of things like the Ghost ark, that all factions would be updated to at least their current 6th/7th ed codex. This mostly stems from last night when I did a test as IG and noticed I could get 4 special weapons and 0 heavy weapons and a bunch of other small finicky things. I'm sure there are other issues, like the tau weapon upgrades on tanks, that need to also be resolved as well, but I'd like to know if its simply going to be 5th ed again or some fun advancing of the edition (Bullgryns please)

+1 vote     reply to comment
UnrealDirektor Jul 15 2015 replied:

Nope. Sadly we lack the help of modelers/texturers to make new models. So all the races will be either 4.5th or 5th edition.

6th and 7th editions brought so many changes to the TT, that it would literally mean recoding most of the system in FoK and even altering certain conversion rules to fit them.

FoK beta 3 will likely be one of the most stable editions, with the least amount of bugs, functioning AI and reworked Inquisition, Dark Eldar factions. And of course the new Tyranid race as well.

As for future editions containing 6th/7th edition stuff. Well... Not likely to happen. Unless a group of ppl go very dedicated. Not likely to happen either.

+2 votes     reply to comment
firefish9 Jul 16 2015 replied:

I see, kind of disappointing being that crons 5th was basically 6th ed stuff. Oh well.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MaxDickings Jul 8 2015 says:

I have a question/suggestion! I had tried out the Ultimate Apocalypse mod (it was a moment of weakness!) and found out they have build-able walls for bases (for IG anyway). How hard, or would it be possible, to add it to this - the greatest of all DoW mods?

I think nothing would be cooler than a massive wall bottle-necking 3 teams of nid's against the guard for a quick Starship Troopers scenario :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 7 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Darkblade_305 Jul 6 2015 says:

New models (DoW2) of tyrants in the mod look fantastic, please release it soon.

+3 votes     reply to comment
thudo Jul 8 2015 replied:

Would be also nice to have Hive Tyrants (Tyrant Guard + Venon Cannons) but regrettably no one has made one and our art team is backlogged. :(

+3 votes     reply to comment
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