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I’d always hoped I’d never need to post a news update of this nature but anyone who has been following this mod will have noted the lack of updates that have occurred over the past year. The simple fact is that the staff behind Dawn of Victory, including myself, no longer have the time to continue this project and give it the level of quality you have come to expect and the project deserves. As such, we will be discontinuing work on Dawn of Victory and indefinitely postponing our release goals. Instead we will be releasing a demo of the mod sometime next year which will include all the assets we feel are release worthy; mainly a portion of the Soviet faction.

Dawn of Victory has been a major part of my life for nearly 8 years and as sappy as it may sound I have never been prouder, or enjoyed spending my time on anything as much as Dawn of Victory. Except for the podcast we released in ‘06 though, that thing was fucking awful.

But what strikes me most about this project and never fails to amaze me, are the talented people I have worked alongside with. When starting from an original idea you know that it will be much harder to find staff then when working on a project with “Star Wars” or “Half Life” in the title. It is immensely gratifying to know that the people who devoted their time to this mod did so not because they loved the franchise it was based on, but rather believed solely in the merits of the project.

My friends Hydrocarbon and Silver Mobius rank chiefly among these, you will find no better modders and no better people with which to embark on such a crazy idea like Dawn of Victory with. The fact that people of such talent would choose to spend it on a project with me is a tremendous honor and I could not be more grateful to them. Through their efforts; Dawn of Victory matched and at times exceeded the level of quality found in the original game, and continued to push the boundaries of what was possible in Sins of a Solar Empire.

And while I never missed an opportunity to insult, belittle or abuse our fans, know that about 60% of it was all in good fun. I have never come across an original project like Dawn of Victory that inspired more passion in its fans. At the time of this writing we have over 500,000 hits on Moddb. When I started Dawn of Victory I never would have imagined that a mod based on Soviets and Germans fighting in space could achieve such a following. My happiest moments in this project came from posting updates and awaiting the comments we would receive.

So does this mean we’ll never see Germany, The Democratic Federation or Japan? Is this the end of the DoVoVerse? Will Dirk Stryker and the Red Tribe of A Thousand Eyes rule the opium trade in Burma forever? Well, for the moment let’s just say if you’ve ever wanted to command the forces of the Orion Arm outside of the confines of a computer game, you might want to check our website in autumn of next year. We’re cooking something completely new based on the Dawn of Victory universe that many of you have been asking for. Oh, and it won’t have single player so suck it you bastards.

So until then, my most sincere thanks to the amazing individuals who devoted their time to this project.

The Dream Team

  • Swiss Knight
  • Cylon

The Cartography Crew

  • Silver Mobius
  • Opals25

He used to be part of what??

  • Hydrocarbon

The Visionary

  • Godwin

And all the rest!!

  • Backlit Avenger
  • Bismarck
  • Central
  • DS
  • Duck "Dukka" Duckblade
  • Harry
  • IPS
  • Mastermind
  • Red Leader
  • reddawn
  • Seth
  • Sicsided
  • Stuart Sparrowhawk
  • Tad
  • TehOwn
  • TopazFreno
  • Vince DN
  • Yoyomon

Economic Prospects

Economic Prospects

News 13 comments

Greetings Comrades, The time seems right to finally mention our plans for the resource system in Dawn of Victory. It may seem strange that such a vital...

Voice of the People

Voice of the People

News 24 comments

We’ve reached the point of development where we are in need of some voice actors to provide unit voices and other such audio things for Dawn of Victory...

People's Army

People's Army

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After what Soviet soldiers have taken to calling the “Hundred Hour Offensive”, Red Army representatives today announced that over 105,000 Soviet reinforcements...

The Language of Fire

The Language of Fire

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Right, situation is as follows, most of Braken City has been cleared of civilians. The Volksheer have a defensive line down Stoph Avenue a mile from the...

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There actually is more back story than you think. besides the close similiarities most of the post Earth is fan created.

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Yes of course there is plenty more backstory, but they should nevertheless change the wording from "including many elements of" to "based on". For that is what it in essence is.

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The mod is not based on Turtledove's universe in any respect.

People lately seem to be viewing this like we're trying to keep it a secret. We're not. We've acknowledged Turtledove's influence on the _backstory_ every time it is discussed. If it is not discussed more, that's only because it's irrelevant. The mod is not about Turtledove's universe, it is about our universe. We could have easily made a backstory that simply was an alternative universe WWII with aliens without lifting any other WW elements, or not had one at all.

At the end of the day, if this issue is really a deal-breaker they can play one of the clearly wholly original IP mods. But if they want a truly original universe and some innovative gameplay, I don't see how semantics about attribution factors into it.

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I fear I am not making myself clear on the issue.
I do not badger you for using Mr. Turtledoves idea as a backstory, as I can think of no better starting point, and I am aware that the rest of the universe is of your own make. I applaud you for your innovation and work with the mod, and am in no way trying to belittle the rest of your work.
What I am saying however is that you should give PROPER credit to Mr. Turtledove for his influence in your mod. "Semantics about attribution" as you call it is no small matter. Your entire backstory is a near copy-paste of his work, and is thus either "based on" or in the very least "inspired by" said work.
Why do you disagree with me on the matter when it is so completely obvious?

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Because the difference is semantic, and if you did any research at all on our backstory you'd understand it's not a "complete copy-paste".

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I am sorry for double posting, but having just watched your trailer (and cudos for an excellent trailer) and I noticed what resembled the NATO star near the end.
I must ask if you have been given permission to use the NATO star in your modification. I am not sure how strict laws are with regard to likeness, but I should warn you that the NATO flag/logo/star is NOT in the public domain. It may be different enough so that you are safe on this matter, but the resemblance is quite blatant.
I noticed this because I work at NATO HQ, and know for a fact how fussy NATO is about misuse of it's flag/logo.

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Great to see someone planning a comprehensive mod of SoaSE. And you could not have picked a better source for your inspiration. Harry Turtledove is one of my favourite authors, and I am looking foreward to the end result.

That said, I have to agree with DragonNOR here. From what you have posted of the story on your frontpage, the background story is quite literally a copy-paste of Turtledoves World War with changes in the race name, their goal and how the relationship ends up. Whilst I have not read the intermittent storyline, I have to say that you should give proper credit to mr. Turtledove and say your story is "based on" and not simply containing "many elements of" his excellently original work.

That aside, I applaud your initiative and look forward to playing your mod once it releases.

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Whoops sorry about that one, didn't see your Harry turtledove reference on the top. But I still don't hang on to 'many elements', its still basically a carbon copy of Turtledoves work.

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that's not really true at all

the backstory is similar, but there's no similarities past that

i think you'll find this mod has much more originality than the endless star wars, BSG, and star trek mods out there and calling it unoriginal is an insult to everyone that contributed to the universe (which has been open since the beginning) including myself

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delve deeper into the storyline to find the difference, wich notably lie in the latter part of the story. (the prior mostly is WW)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I'm afraid I have to disagree, at least with my knowledge of your story from what is written on the main page. What you have after that is out of my bounds.
The backstory up to the point where the humans begin colonization is really the only place I see a difference in that in Turtledoves work they don't abandon earth, but instead visit the invaders homeplanet to write a truce, and that humans have already at that point started to overtake them in terms of tech.

But those aren't really big differences. Again, this is the only story I see right now and the only story the community sees. Not writing much else and seeing that you write 'elements' from turtledoves work when all the background displayed is pretty much copy paste, what can one do but ask questions?

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well... yes, that's where the difference is, however there are a lot of things that happen while the humans colonize space, btw it's not "my" story.

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