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Another DoV update, showcasing the Knight of Germania, the BF-191 fighter.

Posted by SwissKnight on May 14th, 2009

This is Jane Perry reporting live from the freelance merchant vessel Greyfin, in orbit over Vega. Several hours ago, a Kriegsmarine fleet rumoured to be Battle Fleet Germania appeared in orbit of the planet and began indiscriminate shelling of the planet’s surface. From what I saw Scheidemann Institute of Medical Sciences was completely destroyed along with Ebert Spaceport and the Liebknecht Docks.

To anyone on-planet, be advised that the Weimar A-99 transit route has been sealed to any civilian traffic, as a Weimar Military Convoy has moved into the district, this has been confirmed as up to date 14 minutes ago. I would advise that anyone-oh, one moment. (static) SS Fallschirmjägers have landed near Stadtschloss, it appears to have been sealed off.

We’re just entering low orbit now and the scene seems to be very chaotic - Weimar Station is listing to one side, smoke coming out of the D wing, it looks like... there’s hundreds of ships in the air, I can’t make out exactly what's happening but it doesn’t look like the German forces are firing on the civilian evacuation...(static)...a Soviet squadron has flown by heading for what looks like a sizeable Reich vessel, German fighters see them, I can’t tell if they're Weimar or not.. oh, 2 of the Soviet ships destroyed, they're banking towards the.. (static) I don’t think anyone made it out of there.

There’s debris everywhere, no idea what’s happening...I would say over two dozen light Soviet vessels destroyed and it's unknown how much of the Weimar fleet is left, I’ll continue t- This is Captain Paul Davis of the Greyfin to any commercial vessel within range of this transmission. If you are already in orbit of Vega, head for the Alpha Centauri jump lane, German Interdictor cruisers have shut down any transport to New Geneva. If you are still on planet or in the atmosphere, land and get to a shelter immediately, civilian ships leaving Vega are now unde

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KerenskyTheRed May 14 2009 says:

Looks like it was inspired by the Berkut. Looks nice.

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Soul_XP May 14 2009 says:

I love the action screenshots :).

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UnknownTarget May 14 2009 says:

Cool model and textures, but the texturing makes the ship look almost cartoonish; the black edges on the wings and nose make it look outlined.

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hydrocarbon000 May 14 2009 replied:

All our units have exaggerated styling like that. It's kind of part of the art style we're going for.

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DerangedFerret May 15 2009 replied:

And it looks cool. I approve ;)

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Overlord_Yuri May 14 2009 says:

Wow, that's one of the coolest models thus far.

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Bird_of_Prey May 14 2009 says:

You continue to impress. Great work.

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56er May 14 2009 says:

I say: Hurray!!! Germans fot the win!

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StickDeath May 15 2009 replied:

hell yeah, Deutschland for the win.

Deutschland über alles!

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RaGod May 14 2009 says:

Most awesome, I am really looking forward to this mod. Keep up the great work!

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Khalus May 15 2009 says:

yew! awesome :)

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