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The observant among you may have noticed the various links to the Dawn of Victory Wiki peppered throughout our various news updates. While we endeavour to showcase as many of the contributions to the Wiki as possible, in the end we can only fit a tiny fraction into our updates. Below is some of the amazing work that the artists and writers of the Dawn of Victory community have contributed to the universe behind the mod.

Posted by SwissKnight on Aug 9th, 2010

Major Nations of the Democratic Federation

Unlike the Greater German Reich, Empire of Japan or Soviet Union, the Union of Federated Worlds (Democratic Federation) is comprised of numerous nations as part of a collective security agreement. Uniting some the most advanced and powerful human nations, the Democratic Federation has nearly unparalleled military capabilities throughout the Orion Arm.

In 1944, an emergency government was formed in Los Angeles. Comprised almost entirely of high ranking military officials, it grew to encompass all of the roles required of an effectively independent nation. In 1947, when the Scinfaxi pulled out of the United States, the country was left devastated and the US Government could not effectively re-establish a working government on the West Coast. While most officials believed the West should not become a formally sovereign nation, the region required much greater control of its own affairs. The improvised government was granted partial autonomy in order to tackle the responsibilities of rebuilding and maintaining its area of influence.
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Due to the Scinfaxi Invasion of Britain and Europe, over 20 million British men and women were evacuated to Canada: the largest exodus in the terrestrial history of mankind. With the prospect of retaking the British Isles in serious doubt, the British Royalty and the Canadian parliament decreed that any member of the British Commonwealth who arrived in Canada would be given instant Anglo-Canadian Citizenship.
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During the First Scinfaxi War, the French were under German occupation after their defeat early in World War II. They could offer little open resistance to the alien invaders, although the activities of the French Partisans as well as the few Free French and Vichy units are remembered close to heart by the French citizens. The French relied to a large extent on remaining unseen and supporting (however much against their nature it seemed) the German Wehrmacht which took upon itself the duty of defending France as well. The combination of British, German and French militia forces were not enough to keep the Scinfaxi at bay, and large swathes of the country were conquered by the advancing off-worlders.
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The United States was one of the hardest hit in The First Scinfaxi War. The American Midwest, specifically Colorado and Wyoming, became landing sites for Scinfaxi spacecraft and ground forces. With most of its manpower overseas, it took several months for an organized front to be prepared against the invaders. During the first months of the invasion, the Scinfaxi pushed as far north as the Canadian border, and managed to link up with their other landing zones in Mexico, effectively separating the United States in two.
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The Sirus World War

The presence of four superpowers within the Orion Region, each with conflicting ideologies and a history of animosity, has led to numerous Proxy Wars occurring on supposedly neutral planets throughout history. The Sirus World War was once of the most bloody, with three different sides fighting for their respective benefactors.

The Scinfaxi

The most unique characteristic of the Scinfaxi is its relationship with a goldish-reddish substance, theorized to be some sort of macro-virus or unique mold. It completely covers the bodies of the Scinfaxi, and quickly spreads over any affected area. Its prevalence leads some to believe it is a type of advance symbiosis, with the substance acting as a type of hive mind linking all nearby Scinfaxi to each other. Others believe it is a biological weapon, specifically geared towards the assimilation of foreign life


Founded in 1959 almost entirely by veterans of WWII and The First Scinfaxi War, Ravenwod found early success in training both special military forces and local security to adapt from purely combat based operations, to the rigors of peacekeeping within the highly destabilized North American continent. By 1970 the company had expanded to nearly 100,000 employees and was employed in securing the newly formed regional borders during the North American Unification Conflict.

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noing Aug 10 2010 says:

wow this incredibly detailed i love history especially sci fi history

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Benjin Aug 10 2010 says:

Just a couple of weird things on the British-Canadian Commonwealth of Nations on the DoV-Wiki I noticed:

1. Shouldn't the name of the King be "King Henry X" rather than "King Henry The Tenth"? A Monarch who has the same name as a previous monarch always uses roman numerals to show which one they are.

2. Shouldn't the anthem be God Save The "King" since the monarch is a King? In Britain the anthem is always changed to either King, Queen or whatever depending on the title of the monarch.

+5 votes     reply to comment
ThatBritishBloke Aug 12 2010 replied:

The lyrics can easily be changed between king or queen as is the same with the whole naming Royal Naval vessels, so essentially it doesn't really matter if its entitled "God save the Queen" or "God save the King".

+2 votes     reply to comment
SwissKnight Author
SwissKnight Aug 12 2010 replied:

Not to mention that anyone can change the wiki, so if you see something wrong feel free to edit it.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Benjin Aug 10 2010 says:

Oh and one more thing. Gotham City? HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!

+3 votes     reply to comment
AccessGranted Aug 15 2010 says:

Love the background story! it's actually better than vanilla sins bg! :) Good job on representing many different nations! :) the concept art is amazing and I hope you guys reach your goal style wise! any who keep up the great work! :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
rb12s Aug 20 2010 says:



+1 vote     reply to comment
noing Aug 23 2010 replied:

well for starters this is a mod and second don't ask when it's done it's done any mod for this game is worth the wait and patience

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bobbobmac Aug 16 2011 says:

Neat, this feels more like a game then a mod, that's pretty cool, good work on everything

+1 vote     reply to comment
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