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Stay tuned comrades, the days and weeks ahead shall bring great changes.

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Greetings Comrades,

Within the next few weeks we will be launching some new features that should greatly enhance the Dawn of Victory Community. While our release is still a ways off, a number of you have become involved in aspects of Dawn of Victory not directly related to the mod itself, but rather with the background story and our Universe wiki. It is our hope that this new development will showcase some of the amazing work being done by fans of the mod, and provide a better way to collaborate in the continued expansion of the DoV backstory.

While I can’t give away any specifics, keep checking our ModDB page and our website for updates.

In other news, we are always in need of anyone willing to contribute to the mod itself. If you’re interested in helping the mod with textures, models, or 2D art, send an email my way at<!-- e --><!-- e -->

Hopefully this mini-update will tide you over until our next announcements.

Thanks for your support.


Looking great guys, Keep up the good work!
As for help, I'll see what my team wants to do, But I think we can give you some support on the 2d front, and Backstory.

Comrade Karcov,

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*eyes the closest fighters wing*

OMFG!THE UNSC joined up with the Democratic Federation!Does this mean the Scinfaxi allied with the Covenant?!

JK,but that eagle looks VERY similar

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SwissKnight Author

Yeah, its looks vaguely like the UNSC logo, but its also identical to the SAS logo.

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And we all know how good the SAS are :D

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i wish i could help but the only thing im good at is character rigging my modeling ability's are very poor :(

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do this: right click view image

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