The DarthMod series of mods continues to improve the AI and gameplay of Total War games.
As always, the mod’s main scope is to destroy the “weak” arcade factors and replace them with realistic features.
Witness now Total War: Shogun 2 as you have ever wanted.

It is compatible with any DLC and campaign (Sengoku Period, Rise of the Samurai, Fall of the Samurai).

Generally it improves every crucial gameplay factor while it stays close to the feel of the original game.

It does not affect your game installation as you can enable and disable it via a special launcher application.
Furthermore you can use additional mods and options with a few clicks.

In DarthMod: Shogun II you will enjoy a redesigned melee system
which makes battles look like real, "really real"!

images of DMS 3.2
When 2 armies clash, you will notice violent pushes, formation penetrations, heroic 1vs1 melees,
as it would look in a real battle of the era.
images of DMS 3.2
Arrows spread realistically and are powerful according to the skill of the bowmen,
but still no match against the matchlocks.
images of DMS 3.2

Sieges are really challenging because the new morale, melee and projectile system
create a chaotic and difficult to handle environment.
images of DMS 3.2
Even the naval battles are much improved and are a joy to watch,
fun to play and, most importantly, difficult to master!
The new smoke effects of DarthMod Shogun: II v3.6.
All Total War: Shogun 2 DLC and Campaigns are supported
and the realistic battle atmosphere becomes complete
with super effects that do not decrease FPS but increase it!

You want this!
Do not get lost in Feudal Japan's war turmoil!
DarthMod Shogun is the mod you were, are and will look for!

DarthMod: Shogun II


Thoal for gifting me the game through Steam, for his Rise of the Samurai DLC, for his Fall of the Samurai and his Saints & Heroes DLC gifts.
"Total War Greece" for gifting me the retail version of Fall of the Samurai.
PlacidDragon for too kindly gifting the game to... the wookie hip63 who abandoned the project.
Syntax for our old and valuable forum cooperation.
Mr Kami for his special donation, his Sengoku Jidai DLC gift, his Rise of the Samurai DLC gift, his very helpful feedback and the moderation of the forum.
KERA_AK for gifting me the Otomo DLC and for his general support.
Edward Reynolds for his very kind donation.
Fracchione for gifting me the Ikko Ikki DLC.
BayonetFodder-San for his always helpful feedback and his moderation of the forum.
Le_Fred for his really fantastic battle stories with DarthMod images.
Diadok, wrcromartie, VENNONETES, for their epic screenshots.
aion2006 for his super screenshots.
taw for his valuable mod tools.
Lord Maximus, Porphyr, davidallen, daniu, DaFranker for the upgrade of the PFM Tool to work with Shogun 2.
Crux3D for his genious Symphony Tool with which I repaired the dreaded mixed sounds bug that was caused by the official patch.
Mech_Donald for making his special Battlefield Smoke Mod (BSM) for DarthMod.
Swiss Halberdier for his all around assistance.
=Vastator= for his so much needed unit variety mod "Vastator Unit Style" (VUS).
Demokritos for his superb quality work "Alternative Clan Colours Mod" (ACC).
♔Noif de Bodemloze♔ for his splendid "Boshin War Mod HISTORICAL FLAGS, BANNERS & UNIFORMS Mod, "Modern Japan Army Mod", "Optional Faction Recolors [FOTS] and New Bows Textures.
BullGod for his magnificent "Daimyos and Generals mod" and "Portuguese terços Unit Variety Mod".
IGdood & kungfuserge for their relieving bayonet mod.
Thorn for his Oda Boost mod (available only in the launcher version of DMS).
ToonTotalWar for the usual perfect cooperation, his lite graphics mod and his special horo removal mod version.
Voice of Treason for the beautiful artwork.
JFC for the beautiful artwork and his excellent unit cards.
The Hedge Knight for the Horo removal mod, the excellent Unit Variety Mod and his general support to all modders.
Jane for the Clan Color Mod (no longer used because it is not updated).
Wind for the Japanese Speech Fix.
Ftmch for his fantastic and massive unit retexture mod.
Superghostboy for his handy texture mod that increases perfomance and FPS.
La De Da Brigadier Graham
for his music mod and his all around assistance (Generic all around good music which can be found here
Twosocks for his traditional music + sound mod (Based on atmospheric Japanese drums which can be found here
Ying, Duke of Qin for his great portrait mod named Furinkazan.
Gallus Domesticus for his Oda-Tokugawa alliance mod.
Elvasat for his beautiful portrait and event mods.
ordinary for his better encyclopaedia map (No longer used).
CoconutFred for his unit icon mod adapted for clan retexture mod.
Radius for his Sashimono removal mod and his other contributions to the TWCenter community.
akp for his ambush deployment zone mod.
freelancerX for his extra ambush & deployment zone mod.
No Leaf Clover for providing his temporary sound fix for the DarthMod community.
hip63 for his help at the early stages of the mod (The current DMS Launcher uses some of his ideas).

Download Info

DarthMod: Shogun II has the following three "flavours".

The Full Launcher Version

DarthMod: Shogun II v5.0

>>The SteamWork Version<<

>>The Minimal Pack<<


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The End DarthMod Shogun Promotional Pictures DarthMod Shogun Promotional Pictures
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21 comments by DARTH__VADER on Mar 22nd, 2013

DarthMod: Shogun II v5.0

The End

If it was not your valuable feedback and your continuous support, this version would have never been available. This last mod proudly represents my final work for the Total War series. All DarthMods will be finalised and will not be updated anymore unless it is needed.

Darth Vader of TWCenter.Net

Special New in v5.0 (Finale Edition)

Read The Full Changelog.

A preview of the added mods

Many of you asked to add the following mods to DarthMod: Shogun II and now finally you have them!

Alternative Clan Colours by Demokritos

Demokritos uniform color research
A must have mod for every player of Total War: Shogun 2. After the thorough research of Demokritos, the author, all units of Sengoku period have realistic uniform and banners colors.

Images from Vastator Unit Style Mod
Images from Vastator Unit Style Mod
Images from Vastator Unit Style Mod

Just pay attention to these images. Do you see the difference? Soldiers have much more variety in appearance thanks to the magnificent touch of =Vastator=. All Sengoku period of every DLC have this careful design.

Noif's Mod Collection

Noif's mods images
Noif's mods images
Noif's mods images
These are promotional Images from Noif's mods that are included in DarthMod:


NOIF's Modern Japan Army Mod

Noif's Bows

In a few words Noif offers you a complete visual pack for the Boshin period.

BullGod's Mod Collection

BullGod Mods Images
BullGod Mods Images
With the included "Daimyos & Generals MOD" you can see famous Sengoku period Generals with realistic appearances, like Takeda Shingen and Date Masamune above.

BullGod Mods Images
And also BullGod offers us an awesome unit variety for the Portuguese Tercos.
Indeed they look like real now.

More info about BullGod's mod below:

Daimyos & Generals MOD

The Portuguese terços Unit Variety Mod

If you want to understand what awaits you, read Le Fred's illustrated stories of DarthMod Battles!

Download Info

DarthMod: Shogun II has the following three "flavours".

  1. The Full Launcher version includes everything!

    DarthMod: Shogun II v5.0

  2. The SteamWork version has only the necessary and is always updated automatically. Ideal for Multiplayer and easy install.

  3. The Minimal Pack includes only the gameplay files and a few submods. It must be installed manually per included instructions.

    >>Download Minimal Pack<<

Update 25/3/2013
Small Launcher Hotfix:
Fixes BSM Effects not enabling. It includes instructions how to apply.
Thanks to Vennonetes for reporting.

Join DarthMod Official pages

DarthMod Twitter Page

DarthMod Facebook page
DarthMod: Shogun II
DarthMod: Shogun II

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DarthMod: Shogun II v5.0 "Finale Edition"

DarthMod: Shogun II v5.0 "Finale Edition"

Jul 12, 2012 Full Version 97 comments

It is compatible with any DLC and campaign (Sengoku Period, Rise of the Samurai, Fall of the Samurai). It improves every crucial gameplay factor while...

DarthMod Shogun II v4.1+++ (Obsolete Old Version)

DarthMod Shogun II v4.1+++ (Obsolete Old Version)

Mar 24, 2012 Patch 18 comments

***You must Download the newest version*** It upgrades DarthMod Shogun to be compatible with the latest official patch and FotS offering you the rightful...

DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 (Obsolete Old Version)

DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 (Obsolete Old Version)

Nov 11, 2011 Full Version 9 comments

***You must Download the newest version*** The most popular mod for Total War: Shogun II is ready for you to play.

Post comment Comments  (510 - 520 of 548)
OhNoesBunnies! May 29 2011, 5:06am says:

So far, Shogun 2 and Empire Total War are the only games my computer cannot handle.

Are there any secrets to getting them to work? I mean, I can run Starcraft 2, Crysis, Crysis 2, etc all on ultra quality, but I can't even run these games on low. I really want to play this mod! D:

+1 vote     reply to comment
belgarion234 Jun 17 2011, 3:17pm replied:

well, obviously its not ur graphics card as u can run Crysis absolutely fine, its gotta be ur cpu cuz this game really demands on that sort of thing

+1 vote     reply to comment
CubicRubik Jun 9 2011, 4:03pm replied:

hmm, I can run Crysis 2 on ultra too), but this on medium only (Dx 11)

+1 vote     reply to comment
HamzaRasol May 29 2011, 6:07am replied:

you can run Crysis 2 on Max setting but not Shogun 2? hmmm i smell lies here.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Reshki Jun 12 2011, 11:09pm replied:

uh same here man. Crysis 2 maxed out. shogun.... no way cant do it i think it is more demanding than crysis 2.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BabylonDemolitionist May 29 2011, 12:00pm replied:

Or the very fact he can play other games on ultra suggest that there is something wrong with his install or configuration that can be rectified , i cant see why he would lie.

+2 votes     reply to comment
aNuclearPigeon May 29 2011, 5:41am replied:

Whats the specs of ur PC?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Heavyarmz190 May 16 2011, 8:48am says:

there seems to be a bug with the Black Ship in 2.1, whenever i try to click on it(when it is in my possesion) my game freezes and stops working, also the unit cards for recruitment show a placeholder bow ashigaru for all recruitable units(regardless of whether custom cards are enabled or not)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Freakishtunnlerat May 13 2011, 12:59am says:

When taking over a city it takes over an hour if both sides has alot of troops its crazy I found that out the first time i was taking a city and the 60 timer made me lose.The archers cant hit a thing 200+ archers shooting at footmen right in front of them and they only hit around four guys out of 300 Good thing i like the melee more lol.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BabylonDemolitionist May 15 2011, 9:49am replied:

If your shooting at samurai thats gonna hapen their armor was designed for arrow protection.

+1 vote     reply to comment
roman9441 May 9 2011, 6:20am says:

Question do i need other version of this mod before 2.05 ?

because it size 321.66 (hotfix) a bit confuse sorry

+1 vote     reply to comment
uberknight72 May 5 2011, 9:17am says:

As a request and NOT a demand. Can you please include a archer nerf option, please. I know you think they are balanced enough but alot of people, especially the peeps I play with or know that plays with Darthmod dislikes the bigtime archer nerf. I don't ask for vanilla levels since I 100% agreed with you on the "Homing Missles" problem. But prior to installing Darthmod my favorite clan was the Chikobea (guess thats how its spelt) Now I feel that their advantage is nerfed quite a bit.

All I ask is an option for less harsh archer nerfs for others that prefer good archers, but not godly archers, and for those that like your archer nerfs can just leave the option unchecked.

+1 vote     reply to comment
HamzaRasol May 8 2011, 9:41am replied:

lol Chikobea zzz,why can't you guys remember simple things......its CHOSOKABE!

+1 vote     reply to comment
BabylonDemolitionist May 8 2011, 3:51pm replied:

Why can't you stop being a pretentious nerd?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Arkitan May 8 2011, 6:43pm replied:

Lol if he plays so much and thinks he can suggest balance changes, he should at least proof his knowledge of the game itself by knowing the names of the major clans.

Given that he doesn't, I wouldn't even consider his opinion.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BabylonDemolitionist May 9 2011, 11:28am replied:

I would try concerning yourself with less trivial matters before judging the value of his opinion. This alone lumbers you in the same catagory as mrs. pride. =]

+1 vote     reply to comment
Arkitan May 10 2011, 7:29am replied:

You too.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BabylonDemolitionist May 11 2011, 12:18pm replied:

Seeing as im adverse to what i just stated, of which you struggle to understand, I would assume that is a moronic thing to say.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Schroedinger cleary hasn't played a totalwar game in his life as everybody knows the darthmod series are the best mod series out.

i enjoyed shogun but this was ten times better the unit scale is perfect and battles are much better.

Join the darkside and DOWNLOAD THIS NOW :D

Apr 2 2011, 12:38pm by tomacha

Lowest Rated (5 agree) 1/10

cuz he luls bro, u mad?

Oct 10 2011, 7:44pm by Communist_Webz_Troll

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