The DarthMod improves significantly the AI and gameplay for the PC game "Total War: Shogun 2".

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Nov 11th, 2011
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***You must Download the newest version*** The most popular mod for Total War: Shogun II is ready for you to play.

Visit the forum to read more information, to find more download mirrors and to give feedback:

The latest Patch changes are:

Version 3.4

  • Even more improved melee mechanics for cinematic and stunning battles.
  • Morale tweaked so that Hammer and Anvil tactics to be rewarded more.
  • Battle Auto Calculation should be much more improved and will realistically simulate the deserved losses in Land and Naval battles. The player will no longer abuse AutoCalc to win difficult battles.
  • Several improvements to CAI to be more aggressive, more energetic in diplomacy, even more challenging overall.
  • In addition the CAI should calculate better the size of the army needed to beat the human player resulting to huge attacking stacks and careful defending.
  • CAI will no longer be baited by cunning players to leave settlements undefended. (it could occur).
  • Weird Broken Trade and Alliance agreements diplomacy bug should now be fixed.
  • Bow Ashigaru morale reduced so that they do not stand too much in melee.
  • Much more improved smoke effects that can be described by only one word->AMAZING.
  • Sad news: Elvasat mod had to be removed because TWCenter claims that it had copyright issues.....

Version 3.3

  • Matchlocks are now more accurate and powerful as they should be (improved the ballistics not the stats). Thanks to the multiple feedback about this matter.
  • Yari Ashigaru and Yari Samurai can now form Spear Squares. This makes them much more useful and also very handy when having units equipped with arquebushiers because you can handle them much more easily.
  • Naginata Samurai have increased attack to be more useful.
  • Yari Samurai have reduced Anti-Cavalry Bonus (was too high in vanilla) and +1 Defence. With their new Spear Square ability they are now very unique and useful.
  • CAI received some slight bonus in various sectors to be more challenging.
  • NanBan Trade ship is now available in custom and MP battles and also received a more realistic turning and movement rate. The Black Ship also has more realistic handling.
  • Ikko-Ikki Ashigaru can now be recruited in zero turns and are cheaper.
  • New super Darth effects created with extreme care to guns. Now you will enjoy playing with the weapons that changed the Japanese warfare and understand why they were powerful for their era not only by their impact but also from the stunning visuals. Furthermore, the effects have been optimised to use much less particles in some occasions (for example blood, ambient effects etc.) so that FPS is increased without loss of detail.
    (The Darth Effects replaced the Re-Texturing of Supeghostboy because of some blood issues and conflicts with the Darth Effects... I had to use only one. If you want to manually use the Re-texture mod of Supeghostboy please note that Darth Effects are not compatible with it).

Version 3.25

  • Many improvements to the CAI recruitment choices per clan character and fix of the Archer spam reported in the previous version. (Needs testing).
  • CAI should develop more and build more economical buildings, according to the clan character.
  • CAI should manage better its economics and not endanger itself to bankruptcy, which previously could result to overaggressiveness and inexcusable war declarations to the human player. (That was even more evident in vanilla).
  • Balanced better the Matchlock units as per user feedback.
  • Better Shimazu gunners balance.
  • CAI should recruit less ships than army units.
  • CAI should build and use more the trade ships.
  • Some diplomacy changes.
    • Inciting rebellions has more penalty.
    • Following an ally's aggression action does not give penalty (it should be the reason why you got negative diplomacy passively overtime).
    • More diplomacy bonus for trade agreements.
  • Replaced unit multiplier x2 with x1.5. Now the Yari Ashigaru Spear Wall should work correctly and you should notice much less battle lag.
  • Improved slightly the movement realism of units.
  • Made Naginata to have distinctly more mass which helps them in melee.
  • Increased ship mass for enhanced physics effects.

Version 3.2+ (HotFix)

  • Fine tuned the new cinematic melee system. You asked for more penetration (I am talking about melee).... THERE YOU HAVE IT!
  • Experience should now not drop so much while reinforcing a unit (a bug that probably the new patch created to the mod).

Version 3.2

  • Fix to the Naval battles CTD.
  • Fine tune of the new morale system.
  • Fine tune of the new melee mechanic system to show more animations and to create good challenge for the human player.
  • Fine tune of mass and physics for violent and realistic pushes between troops during melee creating havoc and tension in the battlefield as it should be. (If you thought melee in DarthMod was good before... what to say now!). The new physics system is creating REAL MASS effects. Horses get stuck between the mass of troops who push around and penetrate weak formations or stop against yari brickwalls. There is a complete revamp of the melee system which will astonish you. I guarantee.
  • FPS is increased more again (it should be as good as it can be).
  • Improved even more the realistic spread of arrows.
  • Made cannon balls to bounce and to have a much more realistic impact.
  • Added more crew to ships and fine tuned some aspects of naval battles so to be really interesting to play.
  • Improved the CAI recruitment (There were some vanilla issues). Now it should build less Bow Ashigaru and more Matchlock Men, More No-Dachi Samurai, more cavalry, more special faction troops and generally it should be much more reasonable when choosing which units to build.
  • Added Ambush deployment zone mod v1.0 (ROTS compatible) created by akp. This is already added in version 3.1 but was wrongly not mentioned in the changelog. (Credits will be given).
  • Fine tuned fire ignition so now the motherships are really strong and the light ships not "flamethrowers" as they could be before.
  • Launcher changes:
    • Now an asterisk (*) shows which settings are the default. (So you do not ask me zillion times).
    • Fixed script for option "Epic Retexture" which was not working.

Version 3.1

  • Many changes to the battle system ensure now that the player faces a very challenging AI opponent and the melees are chaotic and bloody as hell! Additionally FPS should be higher due to some adjustments (This game is very heavy in graphics indeed).
  • Fine tuned the projectiles to be even more effective and useful than before.
  • Revamped the morale system to be extremely dynamic and realistic. Flanking and targeted missile attacks have much more impact and the quality of the soldiers shows more.
  • CAI is now more mobile around the map (attacks/defends more).
  • CAI slightly more neutral than overly aggressive or friendly in some occasions.
  • Submod changes in the launcher:

Version 3.0

  • Melees improved even more by inspiration of the new blood pack. Now you will see more responsive troops to form small groups and to penetrate the enemy formations by creating a nasty blood path.
  • Repaired and updated the Epic Texture Mod of Superghostboy (only available in the DMS launcher).

For the full changelog visit the download thread of the mod in TWCenter forum:

There is also a minimal version of the mod which you self install by using instructions. Download it from HERE!

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DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 (Obsolete Old Version)
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xXBerethorXx Jan 1 2012 says:

:D! And happy new years!

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snuus Mar 9 2012 says:

I'm getting shogun 2 just for this mod, Darth you are the man thank you for the time youve spent.

Appreciation from the UK!

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snjolaugur Mar 17 2012 says:

Darth(and the team)you guys make the most amazing mods for the total war games i always have them when a new total war game comes out if you make a mod for that game. And just Thanks for 100+ hours of entertainment and fun

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TakedaShingen Apr 7 2012 says:


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hunt1hunt Jun 3 2012 says:

Tanks very murch

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nadarko Jun 15 2012 replied:

tanks for for the mod

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Guest Jul 3 2013 says:

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Guest Oct 12 2014 says:

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