The popular mod series now for Napoleon: Total War! Play realistic napoleonic battles against a challenging AI. The gameplay is vastly improved, the arcade feeling of the official game is removed and not only that... You will witness the full power of the new DarthMod Formations, which make the Battle AI to attack you without hesitations and weak plans. Join the Dark Side and you will be crushed! Satisfaction -> Guaranteed!

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Even though this mod is very good, I don't like how it plasters "Darthmod" over everything. Something like that would be fine if it was a total conversion, but it's not really. But still a good mod.


By definition, what is Napoleon Total War? It is the trimming down and refocusing of the most ambitious, but dysfunctional, total war game made. By adding in a set of linear missions more akin to Alexander than Empire in structure, Creative assembly could right their own wrongs by removing features, not by adding them, to give the illusion it was more focused and functional. A flashy new hud, AI code, graphics optimization (it actually runs on quad cores now!) and smaller battlefields allowed for quicker and tighter action. But with this came hitscan musket balls, the flattening of terrain and obstructions, and the removal of the grand campaign map, replacing it with linear town-to-town skirmishes with a thin story veiled on top.

Frankly there is nothing wrong with Empire + Darthmod, it is my favorite total war and the scope is tremendous. Napoleon + Darthmod is tricky, because its still the same linear/lite base game, but with Darthmod's famous AI codes, optimizations, particle effects and battle engine added in. This, essentially, perfects Napoleon into a battle generator. I have had a ton of fun making epic skirmish battles that truly relive Waterloo, for example, compared to Empire's relatively disjointed battles.

But that is the only reason you'd play. Napoleon's campaigns are boring and linear, the "grand campaign" you can unlock is only a few countries wide and is insanely boring and has no diplomacy worth mentioning, and it has no features at all over Empire.

Great job


all hail lord vader

an overall great mod. it makes NTW much more interesting to play


Great mod, makes the game feel up to date with the current total war games!

Amazing mod. The battle AI is much better than in the original game, and it is very fun to play as smaller factions like Venice, Ireland and Scotland (although the last two weren't around at the time as nations, and aren't in the normal Darthmod campaign, you can play as them if you put 'emergent nations' on in the launcher.)

Adds a awhole new "Darthmod Campaign" which is just awesome, with this mod the battles are bigger, bloody (their is no blood in vanilla so I can't say "bloodier"), and more tactical!

Quality is a must. Not only in visual effects, but in playability and lag free entertainment. Many potentially good mods are not completed to the degree of bug free performance required to be considered great. The work here is proof of tenacity and desire for quality.

zimm out

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