Emperor Palpatine's new Galactic Empire swallows up the remnants of the Galactic Republic. Forcing entire species to be slaves. The Republic Remnant wages a losing battle against the Sith Lord's unstoppable forces. While Gizor Dellso unleashes a new droid war against the Empire, with both new and old technology found from a mysterious wreck on Mustafar.

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Updates will resume as soon as i get back from vacation

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Right now you may be wondering why this mod is so stagnat for such a long time

thing is i'm on vacation

and i forgot to bring my latest version of DARKTIMES with me

i was able to download the FOC map editor over the tortise of an internet conection i have in South America so i'm able to at least make some new skirmish maps.

I also had the idea that i could make certain capital and large frigates ships spawn a few corvettes and frigates like a fleet. So look forward to that in the next release. (don't forget heros!)

I also would like to hear any opinions concerning the Mod's AI, gameplay experiance, and look. Please respond because i can't make a mod for the comunity without the comunity's help.

expect an update in 3 weeks.


You could look up Nova's Alliance mod some hero's have a special ability that let them call up a certain amount of ships like reinforcements.

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nomada_firefox that is?!

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Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
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