Okay my second story. I don't speak much becouse i have bad english. If you play my first Dark Saloon we go with the same style. fun and "scary" style. ENJOY! :) PS: If you like jumpscares, play this.

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This custom story was short, but hilarious. I love a good, fun custom story every once and a while.

+1 for the air cannon effect.
+1 for the dog animation. I wish I saw that more often in other custom stories. In a real setting, it would have really scared me!
+1 for great gatherer/brute scenarios, they were actually quite challenging to get around!

+0 for the plot, even though it was obviously the best plot in any custom story I've ever played.

I reserve ratings of 10 for the very best custom stories, so I have to reserve a rating of 9 for this one.


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