A tragedy has occurred. William, a Swedish engineer, wakes up in a hospital bed. The memory of what has happened is blurred, but the scream from his wife and the perpetrator's menacing voice echoing in his head. Once he decides to step up, he discovers that the hospital is deserted. Blood is smeared on the floors and walls, doors and stairs are blocked and everything seems to be pure chaos. What is going on?

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Just finshed it and I must say that I didn`t thought that it would be so good! You realy worked hard on this project and you should be proud.
Here are the list of the good stuff and things you should improve:


-The story was awesome, the felling that you didnĀ“t know what was going on and why strange things where happening was very cool, You mixed mystery, tension and horror like a boss xd
- The "interact with all" idea. Even if its not a fresh idea, I usually love when people do that in a C.S.
-The time it taked me to finish the story was big, and I realy like big custom stories.
- The puzzle ideas where fantastic. Even though there where gigantic maps, there where small hints and objects that helped you to progress, so you really nedded to explore everything.
- The scares. Subtle scares, but effective, not just ... you know, flying naked guys.
- The overral atmosphere. You always felt like if you where being followed or observed, and that really helped to build up the tension.
- The maps. They where huge, complex and most of the time very detailed.

The Things you could improve.
On the 2nd floor, that gigantic hole on the wall felt a little akward, maybe you could make it smaller or just like a broken window or something.
- Some corridors where a little... empty. Not a huge deal, but maybe you could add just a some more stuff in some of the corridors,
At the final part,you should add a more kinda epic music. The background music that plays is more for the scary sections, and at the end you will not be felling that much fear, you will fell more like you need to stop that girl.

I have played more than 100 custom stories, and this is definetly one of my favorites. I will give it a 9/ 10. Just some more improvements and it would be a 10. So yeah, thanks for making this awesome custom story and congrats! :D

PS: Sorry for my terrible English, Its not my real language.

Awesome man!!!! This one was really different as many full conversation around here!!! Just too hard to find bonus key...

But overall was awesome ^^

Alright here's my review that I promised.
- The modern objects
- It was great to see some more Alma Wade
- New music
- The infected in the halls gave me chills hehe
- Level design is fine, but some rooms felt a little empty
- The labs looked great!
- The effects in the end were impressive
- Voice acting/quality

- I'd suggest to use more sound tracks since you only used a few tracks and repeated them in many rooms.
- The hospital floors were the emptiest places, mainly since the halls were thick with not enough stuff.

Couldn't give anymore dislikes of course, since your story was another fun experience in modern amnesia, good job!

This is a remarkable Custom Story. It features an interesting storyline with Custom Monsters and Items. It has lots of puzzles to add to the mix to make it worthwhile playing, the puzzles gradually get harder, better and more interesting. Although some of the Voice Acting has much to be desired and there are one or two glitches with overlapping and some spelling/grammatical errors this is an almost perfect Custom Story and get's a 9/10 from me. Good Job. :)

That was one of the scariest custom stories that I have played yet. It was amazing.

This history is excellent, i haven`t finished jet but what i have played has been very dense and dark.

This custom story was absolutely fantastic! Better than what I've usually played.

You promised a unique story and that's exactly what we recieved. Unique! The story was well written and was displayed perfectly in its playable form.The character development was good and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the side stories scattered around the world. In addition, the story made more and more sense as the game progressed, unlike some stories or games that make sense at the very end.

The gameplay was phenominal! It had amazing pacing and atmosphere. You were able to freak me out without flooding me with monsters and when you did throw a monster at me, I nearly fell out of my chair (that assassin got me every time!!!!!!). Furthermore, the high level of interaction with the environment improved the gameplay drastically as I would have to touch everything almost once to try to solve your puzzles, which were difficult to solve, but simple in design and nature. I had to look at that manual (which was fantastic by the way!) to help me when I got seriously stuck. The soundtrack provided the atmosphere this game needed, it flooded eerie tidbits of noise into my headphones that kept me on my toes. Many times i didn't knw if a monster was chasing me or if the music was screwing with me again.

-Voice acting was a little rusty, but definately better than most.
-Some places seemed a bit empty, such as hallways, maybe put one or two more items in.
-That hole in the wall in the first level was random, maybe change it or get rid of it. It did not hinder gameplay or anything so it doesn't matter much (I did love jumping out of it though!)
-The little girl confused me. I didn't understand her purpose entirely. Maybe its me not paying full enough attention, so you should probably disregard this one.

OVerall this was a fantastic story with minimal flaws. It is a must have if you love Amnesia Custom stories. Keep up the good work!

Just finished the CS and it held my attention right from the get go!! Not your average CS, but in a good way! Make sure you check it out too!


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