Night can be beautiful, but it is also a good time to implement evil thoughts. What happens in castle Richport at night? Strange rumours have spread all around. Now is the time to find out if they are true.

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Loved playing this custom story!!


- Creativity
- Great level design
- Decent story
- Challenging puzzles


- A lot of glitches in the cellar map
- Ending was not as hard as it sounded like
- The final sequence was honestly pretty lame
- Voice acting


Crates and other objects glitches through the wall on the second floor in the cellar map and the brute got stuck at a door frame twice, but other than that, very intresting and scary map. Awesome steam puzzle!

Dramatic music at the end, but the grunts were easy to avoid.
And the ending sequence (when you use the knife on the man) was not only hard to find, but it was pretty lame. It took me like 5 minuts to find it and nothing happened. It should be a "bad ending" if you don't find it in time. The voice acting was also pretty bad and sounded like something forced by a guy with almost no emotions at all.


Except for all that, I really enjoyed playing this! Very creative puzzles, lovely level design and a decent story. I think you did a great work with this.

8/10 - Very good

Really fun!!

This mod does some things really well, firstly the pacing is quite good. The scares are paced out and rely more on sound, with a few instances of actual incoming monster. Although the level design isn't very memorable but very standardised for the most part, when we go deeper into a prison which is then water, we have a very standard moment here. Then we go into the steam control area and alchemy station. We do some standard run around the place stuff but with a twist. There is a hard puzzle, not the thinking kind but the trial and error one due to no symbols, manuals, numbers to tell you what each valve does.
It takes a considerable part of the CS to finish, about maybe half of the hour it takes to finish. We go back into a mansion and we climb up a castle but it doesn't do anything interesting with that and we have a forgettable ending.


Skelatilian04 says

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The encounters weren't that intense, -other than the obligatory water monster.
The premise was intriguing however it really didn't go anywhere.
It was really more of the same except a few new elements which I appreciated.
I liked some of the puzzles-even though some of them were nonsensical.
The use of sounds scared me more than the encounters themselves, and the music used was also great.
At times there were things glitching to the ground but it wasn't too bad.
The story wasn't too long and it was great for the length it gave me.

That's it for me.

Loved it!


Really really good

Nice Cs so far..
Full of creativity, story and scare!
But for me, it was not 2 hours gameplay, it just 1 hour..

And but this one was awesome and i can recommend this to anyone..
Good job dude!

Good CS. There weren't cheap scares, which is a good thing. There were enough uses of the monsters that it wasn't over or under used. I had some problems with bugs. One part is with the Brute after I turned the last valve in the cellar. Most if not all of the movable objects in the room either flew through the floor or got stuck in the walls. The brute itself even got glitched into the wall a few times. Other than that, nice story and decent mapping. Good work.


EvilShadowsx says

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Great CS, alittle too few oil cans and water monster bugs.
But all in all a superb Custom Story, i congratulate you my friend 8/10

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Loved playing this custom story!!

Oct 16 2012 by GreenLink1st