D-day an epic World War 2 total conversion mod for Red Alert 2, with 11 different countries equipped with over 600 units spread over 5 different time frames.

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D-Day "See You On The Beach" ****: An Invasion Ten Years In The Waiting

D-Day is a project that has been in the works longer than some players have been playing Yuri's Revenge. Since the time that D-Day began to take shape back in 2002, The West has completed it's "War on terror", an African American was elected as POTUS, the Arab World rose up in revolt and Social media sites took over our lives. Indeed the D-Day mod has been in the works for a long time, but finally through the hard-work of it's current developer, MigEater, D-Day has seen it's first public beta release.

D-Day offers the player the opportunity to play as one of the major power blocs from the Second World War, with the current release boasting no less than six different factions for the player to choose from. Gameplay is split up into different era's where units from different stages of the war are available depending on the year group chosen.

The first thing the player will notice when they enter a game, is the fantastic work that MigEater and others have put into the visuals. The cartoonish look of the Yuri's Revenge engine has been transformed into a gritty, dark, but ultimately beautiful representation of the Second World War. Every unit, building and infantryman has been carefully rendered and the results are simply stunning. Technically, the mod runs very smoothly, with only a few bugs or glitches in regards to the AI and path-finding.

D-Day is however, very much a beta still, with place holders standing in for many buildings, support weapons still disabled and naval units are not yet available. This is more evident in some factions (the French especially, who's buildings are all placeholders) and some players may wish to avoid playing with these factions so not to wreck the immersion. Maps are also few at this stage and gameplay is limited to skirmish, but the factions wide diversity and dynamic AI will ensure things don't become stale. Well worth the download.


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Comparable the Sudden Strike or the Blitzkrieg franchise but with base building. Come to think of it, this might be the next Blitzkrieg once the countries are done and the custom missions or campaigns start rolling out.

great recreatio mod for de WW2 :D


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