Curse Episodes is a Half-Life 2 single player total conversion : a mix of physics based combat, puzzles and exploration. In the first episode you can explore an egyptian necropolis and kill mummies, monsters with a morning star.

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Jul 1 2009 Anchor

One note to the maker of Curse is to open up the content to the mod and make a community which will keep the mod alive and get it more popular!

I've made and released the very first custom map for the mod, you can view a demonstration of the map below as well as a few pictures. It's a very small map but it was made out of inspiration for muzzles as well as to kill more mummies!

Youtube Video

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

Playable Download

Mappers .vmf for learning purposes ONLY

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Jul 6 2009 Anchor

Whoa! This is cool!
I will release some .vmf files soon, and I can create a custom maps section on if there will be any.

Jul 6 2009 Anchor

I suggest releasing an updated .fgd if you have one, although i highly doubt it.
Some Prefabs would help towards the mapping community too :)

Sep 6 2009 Anchor

Yeah we need the .vmf files, a tutorial on how to map Curse, prefabs and the .fgd file. While we wait for episode 2 we can make endless amounts of maps of your creation! Heaps cool!

Sep 6 2009 Anchor

There is no need for a .fgd, he didn't make any new entities and such so all you need to do is find out what entities are what as well as models.

I'll release the .vmf for this map if we get enough people wanting to map for curse.

Sep 11 2009 Anchor

I am certainly one of them :D

Can't wait for the vmf's and prefabs :D Also a tutorial as I am new to source mapping.


Sep 11 2009 Anchor

Alright I've released the .vmf so people can start learning from it. If you want tutorials all you need to do is go to the link below, it'll have a chain of tutorials where you can learn how to map for half-life 2 which is EXACTLY like curse just different textures and such.

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