We at ControlAltComplete are developing a map pack for Far cry 2 in anticipation of the number of people who will purchase or return to the game upon the release of its sequel. The majority of the maps have been optimised for all game modes however some, mostly the challenge maps are only suited to a particular game mode. A seperate download will include these maps in all game modes for those who wish to try them. The maps included are currently: *City of Ghosts - TDM, CD, U *Godrays - TDM, TD *Twin peaks - CD, TDM, TD, U The initial pack will be released when it is complete and tested by our skilled crew of everyone we could think of. The alpha forms of the maps are avaliable to download now. Please enjoy them and post your suggestions or any bugs you find.

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This is the largest Alpha pack we have made, it contains all of the maps we are planning to use and PLEASE give us feedback, by PM to our Moddb account or youtube account. Enjoy!

CtrlAltComplete Alpha pack I
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