The CTF-Mod wich incured of the Idea, that the gametype "Capture the Lolly" isn't implented in World of Padman 1.2, though it is one of the most famous gametypes in other games(known as "Capture the Flag"). Under the Leadership of Lutoma, a mod has been developed, wich has beside new Maps, the Flag-models, the sounds and a part of new code that are necessary for Capture the Flag. Other maps which were finished, has been edited to be playable under CTF. Though the mod is free to download, you can only play on the Mod-Server, cause CTF is a Teammode and there is no Botsuport yet. We also want to advise you that this Mod is not "Capture the Lolly", cause this Gametype is developed from the WoP- Team and will likely be released with WoP 2.0. Have fun and good luck, your CTF-Mod Team

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CTF-Mod 1.0

CTF-Mod 1.0

Nov 16, 2008 Full Version (106.59mb) 2 comments

The new Version 1.0 of the CTF-Mod. To install this Version, delete the Folder C:\World of Padman\ctfmod\ (if it exists) , create it again and extract...

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Released Oct 2008
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