A Game of Thrones is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

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I want to cry, the game is so broke, no not buggy, WORSE. So you start playing and you get pulled in by the lore, the look, the fantasy, the new mechanics, then it hits you, after playing hours, you notice that your levies are not at max ? i havnt been to war so whats going on ? you realize that in fact, they increase by 7 levies every month, it takes years upon years to reach max levies !!! you sit around staring at a screen for hours just waiting for that little BAR TO HIT MAX AND IT NEVER DOES !"£$%^&*()p not even with the bonus to levy recruitment. its heart breaking really because you have this amazing game that has more units to build, you can carve your own little empire, if you spend weeks on end staring at the screen, what a shame. what a absolute shame. the creators of the game say its suppost to be like this and the defenders will tell you its great. i promise you now, playing as a faction beyond the gate. i managed to unite the independent free people as their queen !! such an accomplishment ! preparing to strike at the south with a dragon, but wait, ... no , i mean just wait.. and keep waiting, and then keep waiting, then nearly there, noooooo a rebellion occurs, try to beat it , try ... oh (either you loose levies defending and start waiting years and hours and days to get to max again) OR WORSE, being a tyrant through choice and because of the broke feature of levies, you will loose the rebellion anyway. because being a tyrant means you personally hold big sized castles to make sure you have the power to stop the civil wars, but oh no, not in this game, because of that levy broke machanic, you are either massively under powered to fight, or the rebel happens in your province meaning you cant actually summon those levies anyway, which means you are limited to character development to. ugh.. back to the vanilla version 0.0 - i know this sounds cool but its soul destroying.

The mod feels quite stale and ultimately boring. The technical achievements are impressive, but the basic concept is quite lacking. It will satisfy your OCD, and need for a clean realm, but that will make it incredibly boring and not very challenging. It's fun to see the Game of Thrones setting in Crusader Kings II, but that's about the fun you'll get out of it.


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