A Game of Thrones is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

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i've played many of the mods; lotr, elder scrolls, the witcher etc and while they are all excellent none reach the heights of the game of thrones mod, taking inspiration more from the novels it really offers the feel of being a noble caught up in the astronomer of events described in a song of ice and fire. 10/10 is the only score I could give it


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è un bellissimo mod ragazzi siete grandi !!

Even if it has it's bugs (yeti or hills portraits for characters and other problems) it's the best game of thrones game ever i like ck2 more with this mod.

Best Game of Thrones mod out there. All the other ones don't even compare to this one. Has everything you could ever wish.


After the 2000x attempt at this game, tried to unite westeros as a donish prince, entire family got murdered, killed in war and impotency. 10/10 will try to not create babies with sand people again.

I have played this for a very long time and love it! It is great to do for my youtube channel as well called Ziekor. Many people enjoyed my video so im hoping to do more! But I must thank the mod as this is what I play on :)

The Game is a great addition to an already great game. The vanilla ck2 already has many great mechanics and has a real focus on dynastic management. This mod helps to bring more content to an already strong base as well as setting it in a fictional universe everyone has already fallen in love with thanks to the books and the series. Many thumbs ups, keep up the good work

This mod is just perfect, you can really see how much time and skill that has been put into this project.

A great mod that truly brings the world of Ice and Fire alive! I have spent the majority of my 1000+ hours in CK2 playing this mod, brilliant quality, great content, and a good community forum for feedback and suggestions. With all the new features this mod added to my CK2 game i now find it hard to impossible to go back to playing vanilla as it feels so simple compared to the intricacy of this mod.

This mod is so good at what it does that I play it more than the base game. How many other mods do that?

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