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"It was the 23rd Century: mankind’s darkest hour."

That is what we have thought for centuries but we were wrong. A new threat waiting for aeons has moved out of the dark. We have seen them, we have fought them, we have gained an important victory but we were not aware that they were not the only ones hiding between the stars. Now we have stumbled into a galactic war that had been raging ten thousands of years.
Mankind on the loosing side, in the middle of Crossfire.

The Crossfire Mod is by far the biggest and most complex Freelancer modification available. For many years this mod is known for highest quality and innovative ideas which we have introduced to the Freelancer modding scene.
With Crossfire we have build and extended an universe based on the original Freelancer game and its story. Realism and a logical development of the quest based storyline and the game environment such as the systems and the technological development is most important on this mod. Crossfire is not a static mod like most others, it is a dynamic developing environment with dynamic economy, dynamic universe, destructable solars and download content (DLC) which introduces new quests, new ships, new systems and new equipment.

Most important in this mod is the atmosphere.
High quality graphics, high quality music tracks, more than 150 very detailed systems, new voice samples, stunning effects, many challenging quests, ten thousands of small side stories and rumours, fantastic gameplay and hundreds of cool ships. That is the Crossfire mod.


  • highly improved graphics
  • hundreds of stunning effects
  • atmospherical music tracks
  • highly improved AI
  • dynamic lights
  • destructable universe
  • dynamic economy and dynamic universe
  • thousands of side stories and rumours
  • quest based storyline
  • 147 high detailed systems
  • more than 290 new ships
  • more than 50 custom stations
  • more than 160 new stations/planets
  • countless new equipment and commodities
  • 13 new factions including 8 new races
  • three new sectors
  • new shaders
  • planetary worlds
  • higher render details
  • DLC (Downloadable Content)
  • perfect gameplay



Freelancer 2.0 - Crossfire

Crossfire continues the epic adventures of Edison Trent. Get ready for a brand new experience in a breathtaking and extraordinary environment. This mod is the unofficial sequel to Freelancer with the most stunning graphics and worlds you have ever seen. Jump into an atomspheric universe full of surprises, challenges incredible adventures. Experience the awesome gameplay, highest quality and unique features of Crossfire.
With several hundred thousand downloads, four Mod Award Nominations and it's very large fan community Crossfire has developed to one of the most favorite Singleplayer and Multiplayer mods for Freelancer.

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Purian Lake Deadly shadow Crossfire 2.0
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14 comments by SWAT_OP-R8R on Dec 1st, 2014

Freelancer 2:

The last stand

Crossfire 2.0 - Release

In 2014 we had to deal with lots of critics regarding the overdue Mod release. Infact the development of the Mod took much longer than expected in first place. There were many reasons for the delay, such as technical problems (as we were really working at the limits of whats possible with the game engine), the sheer size of the Mod, community feedback and wishes which convinced us to add even more content than originally intended. The amount of time and work we have invested to build the new version has been massive.

I wish I could say that all the work is done, already.
A few weeks ago we have silently released a public Beta version of the Crossfire 2.0 Mod and since that we have been pretty quiet about it here at ModDb.
We knew that the singleplayer part of the Mod was working flawlessly, but our server software (which has been completely rewritten for CF 2.0) required a step by step testing and debugging period. We decided to go through that procedure with the core Crossfire Online Community. It was the best possible test environment for us to locate and fix the most urgent problems aswell as getting qualified feedback from long term Crossfire players. Every day the Mod and server software are getting better and more reliable.

Since we clearly didn't want enter the Mod Awards 2014 with empty hands you are free to download the latest Beta version of Crossfire 2.0 at www.swat-portal.com
You will very soon notice how much work went into this massive Mod which truly can be called the "Freelancer sequel".
But please keep in mind that this is just a Beta version of the Mod and that we are still working on the Multiplayer part of it. Many server features are currently not even active, but we will change that bit by bit in the next few weeks.

Download, Support and Feedback

As long we are still Beta testing the Mod we will not provide a Download for Crossfire 2.0 here at ModDb. You will only be able to download it from www.swat-portal.com since we are from time to time updating this download. When all tests are done we will of course release a final version of the Mod here aswell. Until then the only valid download link will be at the SWAT Portal website.

If you need help or if you want to report a problem then use our Bug Tracker. We will take care of the issue as soon as possible.
We will not give any support here at Moddb (we don't have the time to do that on multiple websites -> so use the official Bug Tracker)

You can leave your feedback on the official Crossfire Forums or post your suggestions here


Crossfire 2.0 contains 43 exciting main story missions which extend the original game and will lead the player to an epic showdown. New exciting battles, cutscenes and discoveries await you. Are you read for it? Can you unlock the 44th mission (bonus mission)?

Crossfire 2.0 does not only show you the end of the official storyline, it also allows the community to develop and add new side stories. New bonus missions and side stories will be added to Crossfire in the next months and years. Be part of it... be part of the development... be part of our community.

Your vote counts

Please vote for Crossfire 2.0 and support our hard work at the annual Mod Awards 2014.
Click on the green "vote for this Mod" button and support us and our future projects this way.

Thank you in advance.

Crossfire 2.0

Crossfire 2.0Crossfire 2.0
Crossfire 2.0Crossfire 2.0
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Guest Feb 27 2015, 5:50pm says:

Good things in this mod are the better graphics, more ships to fly and more systems to visit.
I didn't like anything else. It makes me feel that the mod is undone.
There's a list, please don't downvote!
Some of the missions are too banal. It's like "go destroy 5 battleships" and that's the whole mission. There are no surprises.
And there is no voice, that's a problem too! In the original freelancer, the main characters really like to talk, but in crossfire they don't.
There are no animations, that's awful, there has to be at least one animation per mission.
In the original freelancer, missions and locations are connected. You first go to Bretonia, then to Kusari, then Rheinland and other special mission systems. Unlike in crossfire. Show a message, say that x months have past and teleport to another base, which is on the other corner of the sector. That's WRONG!
That mod is still unbalanced and I hope you guys will improve/fix the things you've done instead of making new missions like THAT.
Quality is better that quantity.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Martind_Forlon Mar 1 2015, 3:12am replied:

Crossfire mod is not only a 'played mod' but there are Short stories and chapters : Swat-portal.com ... this all is needed take as whole if you want see whole cf background. As I did alot testing for SP I can say that we get far away beyond common possibilities for freelancer sp modding. It really is good take into consideration what is doable and what not. There are many hidden (coded) things which put strong limits for 'possible' changes ... which were already pushed far beyond with 2.0 content. If you think that is easy to do animations, then it is not. With all given conditions was not possible to do more. You have now really nice looking game with big universe to explore and story as well. (not mentioning multi-player)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Martind_Forlon Mar 1 2015, 11:35am replied:

As I have read original post again few times it is: more chatter between trent, juni, king is needed. More longer cutscenes with these mentioned talk and explain and similar. All this with simple rule: more of this kind of stuff is better. Problem why is this not possible is partly explained in posts around. I will not go much in detail, but FL vanilla mission structure consist from 13 relative small ini files with instructions. This except other things allowed much better control about 'action' as also avoid some issues related to fl. engine. Now with CF stuff you have ini file for 13th mission 8-12x bigger as are others. This change things much more (exponentially for FL engine) as may be seen on 1st look. This are also some from reasons why was not possible made CF mission so 'detailed' during whole added campaign. I know exactly what is this request above about, bcs it was 'on the table' during more as 1/2 year lasting closed beta-testing. There were added more such kind improvements during closed beta, more was not possible.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SWAT_OP-R8R Creator
SWAT_OP-R8R Feb 28 2015, 4:47am replied:

Either you play a totally different mod or... I dont know.
I mean... really.. what you write does in no way fit to the mod that we have released.
There is great storyline with more than 40 missions of different kinds. Large battles, small ambushes, exploration missions, treasure hunts, diplomacy missions, escort missions. The variety of the missions is by far more complex than in the original game. There have been 5-6 events in the storyline which completely changed the course of how the story "evolves".
There is tons of voice elements throughout the entire storyline. Hundreds of new voice samples were created for this mod, even 14 new character voices including even one that is in alien language.
No animations? what?
We have created 41 new animations/cut scenes for the storyline and several hundred new animations for planets, bars and the rest of the game environment.
There are new cutscenes and dialogues between most the vanilla characters.
Yes, we have decided to skip a few weeks between some of the missions. This was done because the storyline does not happen in sucha short period of time like in vanilla FL... it is a story which requires many years to take place.
This can not be told in a way that would appear like trent is sitting in his cockpit for 3 months without that something important happens... no ... this requires to give characters the time to prepare for the next mission... to take care of political events (which play a big role in CF) and to do stuff which not directly has something to do with the main storyline.
Next to that... vanilla storyline takes place within a time period of one year. Do you really think that traveling from liberty to bretonia, kusari, rheinland... etc. took really one year without having similar time gaps in the vanilla storyline? Cmon, you can play through this game to mission 13 within just a few hours.
At best we just have been a little bit more honest with the players regarding the storyline and its timeline.

+2 votes   reply to comment
SWAT_OP-R8R Creator
SWAT_OP-R8R Feb 28 2015, 4:49am replied:

The balancing of the mod is perfect the way it is and so is the quality. It might be a bit more difficult at the first view but it offers an incredible large amount of new possibilities how to play it. No other FL mod even gets close to what we have created.

+1 vote   reply to comment
franky_lee2000 Feb 27 2015, 4:51am says:

please help me with jack blinch mission...what is to find??thanks n advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Martind_Forlon Feb 27 2015, 2:26pm replied:

Can you please come to Swat-portal.com and ask? Much easier to help there. You need to find hidden wrecks with container inside. Three wrecks in three systems.

+1 vote     reply to comment
franky_lee2000 Feb 27 2015, 11:14pm replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Feb 22 2015, 2:26am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Feb 21 2015, 1:25pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Martind_Forlon Feb 21 2015, 4:44pm replied:

greetings, you may find answer to this here: Freelancer.wikia.com (check side note)

Crossfire mod have this original system reachable for players

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Feb 18 2015, 5:44pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Martind_Forlon Feb 19 2015, 1:00pm replied:

I may only suggest to look around in 'big' systems. In 2.0 were added many new moons with small stories in its descriptions. There are also other nice small details like asteroid fields look (with more very different mega asteroids) etc. You may also use turret view to look around and check DK ships look which is very nice (imo). ... and since there is rly nice reward on this 'long' route (aka new planetary system) ... CF SP is about participation in galactic plot between humans, domkawash and other races and part of this is getting feel how big cf universe is. And as OP said, these long travels are limited.

p.s.: for passing through asteroids fields without own nav-points is best use solar objects like suns, planets, structures. It may help in some cases as also help keep orientation.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SWAT_OP-R8R Creator
SWAT_OP-R8R Feb 19 2015, 4:20am replied:

1. there are 44 new missions in this mod; only two of them involve to visit the big systems
2. since that are unexplored worlds without any human colonies in there the existence of tradelanes make absolutely no sense
3. raising the cruise speed would clearly imbalance the entire mod
4. about 95% of all systems have regular FL dimensions
5. of course you are unable to set waypoints... because you are already on a story mission. This is exactly how vanilla FL was and can not be changed for the fact that this game was coded this way. And just like in the original game we have included freetime phases where you are allowed to set own waypoints then.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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Crossfire is the best looking Freelancer mod. Hard to believe that this game was released seven years ago.

Nov 17 2010, 12:46pm by Naddy

Lowest Rated (7 agree) 5/10

I love the tune up to the area and especially to Trent himself. But i find that with the increase in difficulty, space battles in SP take a very long time. This i can deal with as it makes the battles themselves more interesting and unpredictable. However i find myself getting annoyed during the first mission that character Beta 4 is destroyed before i've managed to kill 1 enemy. This happens over and over most tries lasting under a minute resulting in me quitting the game. If players are forced…

Jun 15 2012, 10:50am by willytilly

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