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Counter-Strike X: 99% Complete

I know...there hasn't been a whole lot of news on this mod lately but please don't flame me - I've been busy on the mod...and I would give you guys more updates but it's just that I'm very very lazy =/

Since the last post, I worked on improving both game-play and visual aspects of CSX...
Gameplay-wise: The War3FT by Geesu engine has been improved and now there are ten races (instead of the original nine races) and each race has an extra two trainable skills (5 trainable skills per race instead of the original 3 per race). The maximum level cap is now at level 25 (instead of the original 10 levels) and the maximum level per trainable skill is 8 (instead of the original 3). Certain skills have been improved, improvements in sprite effects, new sprites and sounds added.
Visually: Created a Lockdown expansion pack for high-end computers. The expansion pack improves the hud, radar, all weapon skins, sounds, gloves and skin, hostages, c4, grenade/flashbang sounds, and certain player models.

I also created a new website dedicated to the mod, explaining the many races, trainable skills, and purchasable items. With a few fixes here and there, it seems that CSX is almost complete in every department.

Most of you probably aren't aware that this mod was first created in June, 2009. It was a small little project back then, designed for LAN gaming. Yet after about 2 months of work on the mod, my interest slowly waned, and I set my sights on creating two alternate CS mods (both completed zombie mods) and a gaming/anime/manga website. Since then, progress came in short bursts - a month in Dec 2009 and one and a half months from July-Aug 2010. Which brings us to here.

The current version is 2.8. It now features both a Lagless version (with low computer-intensive models/sounds/codes) and a Lockdown expansion pack (for the higher-end computers).

What improvements and changes this mod makes on the usual Counter-Strike 1.6 are outlined below:

  • Visual:

    Weapon and player skins, weapon reloading animations and sounds, gloves and skin textures, c4 and hostage skins and sounds, hud font and radar, cs source kill icons, buy menu images
    CSX Lockdown

  • Game-play:

    A modified version of Geesu's war3ft mod with 10 races, 25 levels, and 5 trainable skills and 1 ultimate per race. New skills, sounds and sprites are included. War3ft bugs such as night elf evasion are fixed, and mole system improved. Maps can be played either with objectives or without objectives. Maps can also be played with a Match-style feature, which changes the map once a team reaches 10 wins (unless entering over-time). Alternatively, a map voting system occurs per 25 mins, changing the map after the last round ends.
    CSX Lockdown

  • Fun:

    Killing spree sounds and sprites, in-game karaoke menu with over 200 songs and lyrics, over 400 *special* wall pictures, in-game menu with over 80 different knives, 5 different monsters with extra health and speed, over 50 new maps with bot navigations, 40 different selectable player models with accompanying descriptions in team select menu
    CSX Lockdown

  • Physics:

    Realistic blood and bullet decals, smoke sprites, extra gore, he grenade explosion sprites/sounds/trails/flame and blood effects, flashbang and smoke grenade colours/sounds and disorientation/trails/choke effects, proper weapon physics (dropping weapons/explosions), weapon lighting on gun fire, bullet whizz on near-headshots, armour protection on only torso and head, optional realistic reloading a la battlefield series, full ammo supplied with weapon purchases a la cs source, full ammo reload on round start
    CSX Lockdown

  • Bot Support:

    Unlocked official CSbot from 1.6 files, improved bot personalities with more diverse weapon preferences including pistols eg. deagle, p228, fiveseven, features add-able hard-difficulty bots with automated skin eg. Ashley (see pic below), improved bot grenade throw capability, bots can level up to level 25, improved bot starting-level variety (less bots begin at level 0), bots use ultimates more aggressively and intelligently (no random undead suicide bombers), add-able zombie bosses with extra health and speed (five to choose from)
    CSX Lockdown

  • Complete Customisability:

    Can't stomach the extra gore? Don't like the realistic loading? Prefer smoke grenades and flashbangs with its original colour? Every part of the game can be customised to your liking, through an in-game menu. Simply press a button and decide which plugins should be enabled or disabled.
    CSX Lockdown

There's just too many changes that it'd take me far too long a time to go through.

Right now, I'm working on an FAQ and documentation for CSX release. The mod has finally reached a ground-breaking level but I want to make that extra step by improving its installation design and accompanying guides. Because first impressions do count. For news on more recent updates, visit the official Counter-Strike X website.

New Official Website:

Enjoy the screens and please support this mod by either leaving a quick comment below or clicking 'Track this mod' on the right hand side (happy fans make me work harder!)

CSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX Lockdown

A Taste Of What's To Come

A Taste Of What's To Come

5 years ago News 6 comments

A week has passed and finally there's an update on CSX progress. Changes and improvements listed within, as well as several new screenshots. Enjoy!

A New Mod

A New Mod

5 years ago News 3 comments

Production of a CSX public release is finally underway. Game improvements listed within.

CSX Grand List of Features

CSX Grand List of Features

5 years ago Feature 5 comments

The biggest reasons why Counter-Strike X is just better.

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Jeek Aug 13 2010 says:

Neat stuff, makes me wanna play the good old CS again.

+2 votes     reply to comment
soccer7 Jul 27 2010 says:

Your cs look kinda cool with the chainsaw, does that come with it's own sounds?
the mini map is different i noticed, also why is there tiny red particles in the first pic? is that blood or did someone just blew up to pieces lol?

hey how did u get those guns to glow when shooting in darker environment like in the 4th pic with the terrorist crouching?

interesting how those grenades put people on fire, put up man, so we can try PLz.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MorbidThirsk Creator
MorbidThirsk Aug 3 2010 replied:

Sorry for the late's been another busy week of modding for me! Yes, the chainsaw comes with its own animations and sounds. The sounds took me a crazy long time to find (well, the good ones at least!) but it paid off with a chainsaw that sounds and feels like it was originally a part of CS.

Ah yes, I got a little bored of the usual circular green radar. There's actually two radars I added. One is the one you see in the screenshots (Biohazard symbol) and the second is a black/grey compass-like one with purple dots (I'll probably have to screenshot it sometime.) You can switch between the two at any time by typing into your console.

You're right, those little red dots you're seeing are particles of blood - left flying around after you blow someone up with a HE grenade. It looks great in-game.

I'm surprised you even noticed the slight glow on guns firing. You must really know your CS! The effect is achieved through amxx plugins. There's a host of plugins around and everyone can use them but to get the most out of them, you need to know a bit of coding to manipulate them to your liking.

+1 vote   reply to comment
mothmann Jul 26 2010 says:

why not add napalm, he, and MOLTOV as choices of nades

+1 vote     reply to comment
MorbidThirsk Creator
MorbidThirsk Jul 26 2010 replied:

I have those three choices of grenades in my other Counter-Strike 1.6 mod (CSZ), but that's because it's a humans vs zombies game. To me, I just feel that molotovs fit best in the zombie apocalypse and not in an ordinary gun shootout..which is why I haven't added them in yet. I think I played a bit too much Left 4 Dead!

Also, with CSX being a standalone game, this mod is quite reliant on its bots. But bots being what they are, they wouldn't know how to avoid a cleverly-placed molotov in a doorway. They would simply walk through the flames and die - you could kill half the team this way.

Well I could drop the damage per second of the Molotov so it would take more time to kill someone but then you'd be better off with an ordinary HE grenade. And if I dropped the molotov damage but increased the area effect of the molotov, it'd still kill alot of bots (or injure them all to an extent that a couple more bullets would be all that you need to finish them off).

So molotovs..well..they'd only work if you play without bots. They work in my zombie mod because zombies are stupid and have unlimited respawns.

As for separating HE grenades and Napalm grenades, that can be done but I guess I'd rather just keep the game simple and add the napalm effect to all HE grenades (everyone's used to hitting O-4 or B-8-4 on their keyboards). I don't know..what's everyone's opinion?

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheMOPs Jul 26 2010 says:

this looks pretty nice

+1 vote     reply to comment
MorbidThirsk Creator
MorbidThirsk Jul 26 2010 replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
Phenixtri Jul 17 2010 says:

Frag grenades cant rly set u on fire :/ They will deafen & disorient u tho...that is if the fragmentation dose not kill or wound u >>
Not a original idea but maybe it could produce some interesting results so long as it dosent die like the others >> U stated that u wanted realistic body & head protection with armor so thus an element of realism?
Making the armor like that would b awesome but also make the player models without the helmet & kevlar vest IE when u buy the armor it shows on the player model :) Also the armor (kevlar & helmet) would render your torso, arms, & head relatively immune to non armor piercing weapons. IE kevlar & helmet would protect the body parts stated above & basic kevlar would only protect the torso. Also remember that the FN P90 in the SMG slot & FN 5-7 in CT pistol slot use armor piercing ammo & thus will ignore body armor like rifles. Hope this helps XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
MitchellS Jul 17 2010 replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
MorbidThirsk Creator
MorbidThirsk Jul 18 2010 replied:

True, frag grenades don't really set you alight. But I guess my main purpose in modding this old classic was to re-spark the chaos and excitement by introducing something slightly different - just not too overboard. Yep, looks like the HE grenades have really transformed into napalm nades xD

The armour displaying on each models on purchase, and its protection from non-armour piercing rounds are very nice ideas..though I think it may take too much coding to achieve - especially when I am the only one working on this mod =/ Thanks alot for the suggestions though.

+1 vote   reply to comment
daredevil-k Jul 29 2010 replied:

Please, please, PLEASE RELEASE IT!!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
MorbidThirsk Creator
MorbidThirsk Aug 3 2010 replied:

YEAH!! I feel so much better after reading your comment! But sadly, it seems like hardly anyone cares :( Though the game itself is already quite user-friendly, I was planning on making an FAQ or quick-know-it-all HTML guide coupled with the installer software. Not too sure at the moment whether I should release it. I'll post an update soon with more detail and screenshots and at that time I'll probably draw a conclusion out of the crowd's reaction.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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