Counter-Strike Forever is a continuation of the mod Counter-Strike: Break Through Edition. Counter-Strike Forever is designed to provide the best possible pseudo-cso experience through AMX MOD X and Meta Hook, a new program that allows more GFX to be shown in game as well as a more improved HUD and GUI experience. Counter-Strike Forever has 8 gamemodes and over 100 new weapons.
Original: The classic Counter-Terrorist versus Terrorist scenario, there's no respawns, and there's hostage rescue and defusion.
Team DeathMatch: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists face off in many different scenarios to see who can get a certain number of kills first.
GunGame: GunGame is based off of the original CS 1.6 mod, except you get a new weapon every 4 kills. Win the round by achieving a kill with a grenade.
Zombie Escape(LAN): Fight your way through various obstacles to the escape point, while not trying to get infected by the other team.
Zombie Scenario(BETA): Fight with your friends against hordes of NPC zombies.
Zombie: The Original: A basic human vs zombie scenario, humans try not to get infected and zombies try to infect the humans.
Zombie: The Hero: Humans and Zombies are still locked in battle, but zombies respawn if the kill wasn't a headshot, and human's damage level is increased for every kill they get. Two random players are selected each round to become a "Hero" which has a much more powerful weapon that can kill zombies easily. More powerful weapons are also dropped through supply caches. There are 3 zombies in this gamemode, Frank, the most basic zombie, can run fast with the "G" key, Deimos, an alien zombie who can launch a missile at humans with "G" which can cause them to drop their weapon, and Sarah, a light zombie who has increased speed and jumping height, she can become invisible with the "G" key.
Challenge Mode: Challenge your friends in bunnyhop and run races.

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