The single largest mod for Age of Empires II HD. Made specifically for The African Kingdoms. Other versions may or may not be supported.

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It looks amazing


pawel0111 says

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No comment xd


JohnSpiszer says

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I had fun.


bighead85721 says

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Most of the new troops are redundant and/or unbalanced. For example, the imperial tower is expensive but does almost no damage to anything.
Stone is far too plentiful, allowing you to spam imperial palaces. The range of the imperial palace also seems to be larger than its line of sight.
The imperial palace also has too many hitpoints and is too hard to take out as it can just target trebs or cannon galleons. I'm not sure if it is a mistake or not, but some trees have 100 wood while others have 500 or 1000. I have set the ai on hardest, but they do not utilize any of the mew buildings or units. Imams CAN pick up relics, but when they do they magically phase into a regular monk and stays that way even when the relic is dropped.


darkyuri says

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