Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals. There are lots of people playing in multiplayer.

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THis mod has met my expectations and more with the stunning textures and the brillient models, it has added so many units and structures tht it has given a new feel to the game, they have pushed this game engine far and really strived for detail in thi mod they have got some brilliently ballenced units and have even got the Ai working perfectly with all the new units this could eventually be a 10/10 from me and may be the first to hit 10

This mod is one of the best, but there is always room for improvement, like fixing common errors (game crash errors, mismatch and lag), though some errors can´t be helped, there must be a way to make the mod so it minimizes the errors, if the Contra team can manage that, they truly have earned themselves a 10, as this mod is nothing if the game can´t be played.

Definitely one of the best ZH mods in terms of models and textures.

Apart from the AI pathfinding issues causing disgusting framedrops, this mod is very fun even in it's current state. Luckily, it seems like the developers are working to improve the game in a unique and interesting way, especially with how they integrated the ranking and the tech-tiers.

Ahhh Contra... Such an amazing mod. I am forced to give this an 8, because I'm a new member. I would definitely give this a 9.5 though. It adds many cool units and also adds 3 new generals. It makes each general awesome, giving each one a different personality and taste. I would certainly recommend this amazing mod.

There are a few kinks concerning AI left to work out so it can't get a 10. But the depth of the mod is brilliant. Each general now actually feels very unique and not just a weak vanilla faction. The new units are skinned wonderfully and everything talks which is very good. I actually quite like the Chinese speaking Chinese and the GLA speaking something Middle-eastern. All in all, a terrific mod and I have tried many Zero Hour mods and this certainly pips them all to the number 1 slot. Phenomenal.

I don't like your mod. I LOVE IT!
The best Zero Hour mod there is, next to Rise of the Reds (SWR Productions). Like the other mod, it is unique in more ways than one.
This, combined with ROTR, is what Generals 2 should be like.

An awesome mod but in most cases doesn't work and causes the A.I to behave BADLY.

Great mod with an intresting unit set and new options, such as Anti-superweapon defenses, cyborgs, and super-nukes.

One of my rapidly becoming favorite teams is the US Cybernetics General, who might as well be called SkyNet.
Great mod


This is from a casual point of view. I have played around with four different variants of Zero Hour: 1.06, Shockwave, Contra and Rise of the Reds. About 3-5 hours each, testing the differences vs AI. No PvP yet. Once I manage to decide which one I'll introduce to my RL friends, I'll hopefully get some PvP done.

I really enjoy Contra. The reason why I don't give it a 10 is simply that I reserve 10s for "Completely blew me away, I will never (at least not in a few hundred hours of gameplay) play anything ever again", which has yet to happen to me.

Contra is somewhat different from Shockwave, in the sense that it changes many of the original design philosophies. That is neither a good nor bad thing, it depends on your personal taste; what do you want from a mod?

Some highlights of differences from 1.04:
- Units and buildings are gated behind ranks. You have a set arsenal at rank 1, which expands at rank 3 and again at rank 5. In general, super weapons are at rank 5, with some exceptions (nuke general at rank 3, super weapon general have some at all ranks).
- Nuke general has no static defenses, possibly to balance the previous feature.
- You can't sell buildings, though you may demolish them. Contrary to many others here, I feel this is a good change. Take a look at 1.04; is it a good thing that everyone and their grandmother sells their command center after building two dozers? It also makes capturing more powerful, since the attacked player won't get a partial refund.
- Since rank equals better arsenal, it punishes failed attacks harder. To some extent, it also punishes turtling, though this may go both ways.
- Stealth is buffed through the roof. That is, base defenses no longer detect stealth. Each fraction has some ways to detect stealth, but very, very few detect all types of stealth. Most detects a limited type (such as AA detecting stealth aircraft, and infantry heroes detecting mines).
- Base defenses appear to be a bit weaker than ZH. In addition, since some of them are gated behind rank 3 and you won't get rank by turtling, said tactic is even more discouraged. Not to mention you also need to guard for stealth. I find this a good change.
- All fractions have a super unit at rank 5. Like super weapons, this is limited to 1 in tournament mode, which is a good idea to enable. Even one of these is a great pain, both to build (time and cost) and defeat.
- Many fractions have mobile light super weapons at rank 5.
- Vehicles with fire-ports for infantry are extremely rare. Correct me if I'm wrong on this one, I may be mixing this up with another mod. I think this is a good feature, as Rockvees were a major issue in 1.04.
- Some base features are now upgrades. In particular, not having fire wall by default for Dragon Tanks felt strange.

In general, all the original 9 sub-fractions have had their special features turned to 11. This is a feature I have mixed feelings about. On one hand this is really cool. On the other, it just magnifies the problem ZH had; many of the generals were one-trick ponies. I like the versatility Shockwave gives each of the fractions, and that is unfortunately missing here. For example, if you choose the US Super Weapon general, you'd better be prepared to turtle up, 'cause your arsenal for assaulting is less than stellar.

The new generals bring some new ideas to the table, and feel interesting and unique.
- Cybernetic General (US) has no infantry, only cyborgs. It feels like more like General Terminator than anything else, and that's not a bad thing. Reminds more of GLA in style; faster but weaker individual units.
- Flame General (China) has some really cool interactions with fire, such as a static, invisible defense that pumps out blobs of fuel that other defenses or units can ignite. Otherwise pretty similar to other china fractions.
- Assault General (GLA) lacks a particular feel. Well-rounded, I guess.

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