Conquest is a Single player MOD for Severance: Blade of Darkness. by Daniel Morris (Sir Random) Current version 1.1 Features: * Respawn system based in checkpoints, every time you are killed you will respawn at a checpoint. * Modifyed Weapons, enemys and gameplay * New enemy The Salamander. * Puzzles to solve. STORY: Soon after your great victory over the Chaos child, The Elder Druids learned some terrible news... The Sword of Ianna had been stolen! Knowing no way to retrieve it, the Druids have sent you this parchment: It seems a lowly orc, skulking in the Abyss, seized his chance and made off with the sword unnoticed by you. Now the sword is in the hands of one of their evil magicians. He has built his fortress on the edge of a volcano and to get there, you must find the hidden entrance in the tomb of the undead. This tomb is sealed and guarded by a band of outcast orcs. Orcs that have lived for years amongst the poison and acid of their wasteland home which you must now find if you.

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Hola, soy nuevo en esto de los mod, pero la verdad que probé varios y el tuyo es uno de los mejores...
Le que quiero saber es si vas hacer una parte 2 del mod este que esta muy bueno


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