Modern Combat transports players into the midst of a high-tech war between the current-day Chinese and U.S. militaries. Incorporating all-new factions, units, doctrines, gamemodes, artwork, music, maps, and singleplayer missions, we aim to craft the most immersive and enjoyable strategic representation of 21st-century combat possible on the PC.

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RocKRebel Oct 30 2010 says:

Those tanks look scary ! Specialy with the SAW Music Theme on the background

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Resitance Oct 30 2010 says:

epic cant wait for mod to come out

+1 vote     reply to comment
ComradeWinston Oct 30 2010 says:

China ftw

-2 votes     reply to comment
bamwaka Nov 27 2010 replied:

Good video but in truth the technological prowess in american tanks deems them extremely over powered in real life anyways so the battle would have played out in a major win for american forces :D

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spetsnaz_stalker Sep 8 2011 replied:

that it is what you think cuz youre an american puppet, and you are brainwashed, your military is only good loking but not war proof, and abrams destroyed 30 year old tanks in gulf war, t-72.Let us see if abrams can handle T-90, or Type99, or leopard, grown up, you dont rule this world, kiddies.Everywhere i look, in all forums, in all games, "the american military is so great", who says?? The americans, so that is not considered true.jesus.

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Sturminfantrist Dec 12 2011 replied:

Thats a good joke, M1 vs Leopard thats like Panther vs Sherman, more U.S. wrecks

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warrior007 Feb 19 2012 replied:

who's brain washed do you really think that those piece of **** t90's could win with an abrams 1vs1(not shooting in the rear)the russians use weapons almost from wwII what the ak 47 hahaha!

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iambatkam Mar 16 2012 replied:

Only 3 tanks in the world use Chubum Armor, which is the main reason the Abrams is so awesome. The British Challenger, German Leopard, and the American Abrams. Take a look at the war in Georgia and Chechnya and the Performance of the T-90 vs the Iraq war and the performance of the Abrams. T-90's were killed by no more than 3 RPG-7 hits (there is video), while when I was in Iraq, I saw an Abrams take 23 RPG-7 hits before us dismounted infantry finally killed all the RPG gunners, and the Abrams had some dings and nicks, but that was it. Not saying the T-90 isn't a fine piece of equipment, because it is, but no one aside from the Brits make equipment as good as American equipment, and in fact, if you want to talk smack about American equipment, the Americans use a lot of British (Chubum and other Armor), German (Optics and Small Arms), and Belgian (the M-249 SAW and the M-240 LMG) equipment. That comes from 36 months spent in Iraq and Afghanistan and 10 years in service as a REAL infantryman (including 4 with 1st SFG as a Weapon Sergeant), not just someone who thinks his is the best because it is made by his country. Do some real research, not play video games and watch movies if you want to talk about quality of equipment.

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MiG31 May 3 2012 replied:

Yeah, tell it to NATO soldiers who died in iraq, in afghanistan. Where western equipment failed and where terrorist with iq under 70 killed bunch of NATO soldiers with post-soviet equipment used more than 50 years ago. Wanna talk more? Tell this to their families, our equpiment is so great that can destroy russian tank from 4000meters, but one stupid guy with bomb can make same thing with that SUPERB tank with turbo chobham armour with 120mm rheinmetal gun, with m2 browning and m240 MG. U compare two different tanks, abrams 70 tonnes, t-90 50 tonnes... U should think. 10 years difference beetwen them, other doctrine, other country. THINK. I saw video where abrams was destroyed by sigle b40 rpg. And what? T-90 survived three of them? Think again, abrams survived 23 rpg-7 hits? Where the abrams was hit? Frontal? Where the armour is the thickest? Where was t-90 hit? Think again. You said to us that we shouldn't play to much games, you shouldn't watch too much videos, read to much propaganda articles. Think on your own. Stupid terrorist with AK-47 kills american soldier with good kevlar vest? No problem.

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MiG31 May 3 2012 replied:

Sorry for my english, I'm quite drunk.

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Guest Aug 25 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

onikenshin Jun 17 2012 replied:

A very good weapon is the RPG29. It has been known to disable M1 Abrams, tracking it or damaging it to the point the US forces scrap it. Good news is, no Abrams crew has been lost, and none have been lost to enemy fire (Every loss is from friendly) The Abrams will get so beat up, and yes, RPG-7s, although they may not be able to penetrate an Abrams AT ALL, can still cause damage to the electronics.
It is pretty easy to disable a tank when you have it surrounded and are hiding in buildings behind women and children where the tank cant just blast the walls down to get you.

Even if the Taliban in afghanistan are not trained, bullets are bullets, and bullets will kill you. Nobody has anything invincible. The M1A2 Abrams is just about however. The US is the only country with an actual battle tested tank. They fielded more than any Allied forces. Russia has yet to test their T90.

+2 votes     reply to comment
onikenshin Jun 17 2012 replied:

M1A2 Abrams has more frontal armor than any other tank in the world... The T90 is just an upgraded T72... Sure it has improved armor, and electronics. But it would be a Medium tank if we still used those terms. The M1A2 outclasses the T90 in every aspect. It even drives faster...

Now this is not to say it is invincible. Abrams, and every other tank, will be vulnerable to the RPG-29 and JAVELIN. (BTW the US has the only army fielding Javelins to front lines units) Type 99 is a paper tank. The montage they had of it, you could see chunks of its armor flying off. Leopard 2, wont be a problem. There is not even 1000 of them last time i checked. In terms of military power, the US owns this world.

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Sgt.Awesome Apr 30 2014 replied:

Those would be epic battles but u still are an ***.

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Mad(rus) Mar 17 2012 replied:

Why everyone igonred fact, that tank battle in modern conflicts never happen. If it happen anyway, advantage will be in the side that will be better able to coordinate fire support means
btw, IMHO IRL T-90 haven't chance vs Abrams and Thunderbolt

+1 vote     reply to comment
szabiee37 Apr 11 2014 replied:

i have to say sorry for your point of view... but almost every tank in the world is more advanced in self defence technologies than the abrahams... that tank needs serious improvements... take a look at the Brittish Challanger2... none of them was destroyed in enemy fire in the gulf war...
take a look at the abrahams... the were blowing up like shermans in WW2 against Panzers... sorry oyu patriotic fella... but the USA is way not the TOP of the world...

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ACommunist Dec 11 2010 replied:

China for the Win? those are 2 Abrams!! are you forgetting that those are Chinas T-55s i believe. Gulf war, 7 Abrams destroyed one of Iraq's elite black armored division with 17 hull down t-55s....

+1 vote     reply to comment
Darkbladecr Creator
Darkbladecr Dec 13 2010 replied:

They were wounded by the Type 59D encounter and then Type 99 came in to attack and got a direct critical hit (rear shot). But regardless this is the early build and balance has not been applied just yet.

+1 vote   reply to comment
szabiee37 Apr 11 2014 replied:

Type 99 is in the same leuge with the Challenger2 and Leopard2... abrahams are less likely to survive a 1 on 1 encounter in real life... :D i know i'm brittish nad i saw what these European guys can do with enemy steel :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mitic08USSRman Jan 25 2011 replied:

Какой нафиг Т-55 ! У китайцев в моде спи*женн*я модель советского танка Т-90 , а не старого Т-55 .
Кстати , китайцы изучают образцы оружия и боевой техники не только у России , а у всех армий остальных стран тоже .
Не удивлюсь , если они выпустят такой же танк , как и у америкосов .

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userz Dec 4 2010 says:

type 59 is a really old tank. Chinese standard main battle tank is type 96, they may not have as many as type 59 but in few years they will replace all the type 59 with 96.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Darkbladecr Creator
Darkbladecr Dec 13 2010 replied:

Yes we know, we have both models ingame and incorporated in the PLA side

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tomtomi2 Jan 28 2011 says:

all the explosions are bigger in real

+1 vote     reply to comment
ph33rESP Feb 12 2011 says:

rofl to the saw music

+1 vote     reply to comment
Maltix Mar 5 2011 says:

Hmm.... I bet that in the jungle,the both of them would lose to a much smaller tank.Probably even a jeep equipped with recoilles rifle.

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuakeRiley May 27 2011 says:

Are you just planning on having the US and China? If you are, will you add units from different countries? I'd love to see a Leopard or French Legionarries in there.

+1 vote     reply to comment
USMC2/5 Jul 9 2012 says:


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It is time for tanks in action. Today we present you the CoH: Modern Combat - ingame trailer 3, featuring an intense tank battle between some of the most powerful units in the mod.

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Oct 30th, 2010
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