Modern Combat transports players into the midst of a high-tech war between the current-day Chinese and U.S. militaries. Incorporating all-new factions, units, doctrines, gamemodes, artwork, music, maps, and singleplayer missions, we aim to craft the most immersive and enjoyable strategic representation of 21st-century combat possible on the PC.

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Quarter 02 Year in Review 2013

Quarter 02 Year in Review 2013

1 year ago Feature 5 comments

ModDB's Year in Review Quarter 02 April through till June 2013.

Mod of the Year 2012

Mod of the Year 2012

2 years ago Feature 110 comments

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas and merry Mod of the Year!

MOTY Players Choice - Upcoming

MOTY Players Choice - Upcoming

3 years ago Feature 65 comments

Welcome to the Players Choice - Upcoming top 5 award for Mod of the Year 2011.

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