PATCH v1.41 NOW RELEASED! Remember the original Command & Conquer? Remember all the units, characters and themes from the original C&C game? Remember the gritty feeling of RTS Warfare? Well, that classic game from the early 90's that spawned over a dozen titles and revolutionized the RTS Gaming World has been reincarnated in the advanced 3D World of the C&C Generals Zero Hour SAGE 3D Game engine! GDI and Nod are back along with two subfactions and nearly two dozen recreated campaign missions!

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Its great
first game i ever play now in 3D

good mod, nice details, awesome new units and still blanced.
sound effects are really giving it a nice touch.

Отличная игра воссоздана в стиле Рассвета тиберия. Разработчики молодцы, спасибо вам огромное

The smell of my childhood :) I never expected see the Temple of Nod of Cinematics in full 3D and ready to run. I think that even EA could not do a better work than you, congrats

all worl after 5 attempt mod can work

This is one of the best mods ever made. Any mod with better custom art than vanilla art is awesome!

I love it!

Truely a Master piece probably the Best Generals Zero Hour there is now.

C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux brings you back to the one of the best C&C series with a fantastic remade gameplay, where you feel again in the Tiberian Dawn story and with graphics never seen before in C&C: ZH.

I confess there are lots of C&C:ZH mods, but any of them can beat Tiberian Dawn Redux.

The Mod is pretty awesome, I recommend it for players that are searching for a good gameplay, a good story and of course, Tiberium! 10/10

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