This is a recreation of the original Command & Conquer that was made over a decade ago that launched the whole C&C game franchise! All of the original units and themes have been recreated while some of the campaign missions have also been remade, currently there are nine missions available for GDI and Nod, please stand by as more of the original missions will become available once they are completed! Re-discover this classic game on the SAGE 3D Game Engine that C&C Generals Zero Hour is using! Plus you can explore events that occurred after the war ended when Kane was presumed dead by also exploring some new units that were developed and tested by both sides!

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C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.1 Updates (Mods : Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux : Forum : Mod Updates : C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.1 Updates) Locked
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sgtmyers88 Wars should be fought from the safety of the PC!
May 20 2008, 4:29pm Anchor


A Stealth Bomber for NOD and the Ontos Tank for GDI!

Redone and added Tiberium Effects to all existing Zero Hour Maps and
added several new maps for skirmish and multiplayer games.

Bonus Crates are added to most skirmish and multiplayer maps.
(tournament based maps are exempt from this though)

Weapon/Health/Armor settings on several units have been rebalanced
and tweaked.

Skirmish AI has been enhanced and is more challenging.
(and AI Lag has been reduced)

Added Walls and Tiberium Silos as functioning and buildable structures.

Tiberium Silos generate a small cash amount. This is to compensate since the
requirement for silos allowing players to have more cash is not supported in
the ZH coding system.

Visual Effects have been enhanced. i.e. NOD Obelisk has better firing effects.

Infantry explosion and squish death effects are enhanced.

The old style Helipad system has finally been brought back into play.
So Orcas and Apaches can land to re-arm and thus rebalances the game to fit with
the other original game content.

Several new models have been added and/or updated! i.e. The Power Plants.

Visceroids are now implemented, Instead of infantry simply dying when exposed
to Tiberium, occasionally the infantry will mutate into Visceroids, the
Visceroids wander around the battlefield, and when motivated and/or
provoked, may attack.


He who controls the past commands the future... He who commands the future conquers the past...

Jun 7 2008, 8:09pm Anchor

Hi there mister josh myers! How are you? Let us get this download done!

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