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Collision Course is a mod that aims to bring back what we all enjoyed about Westwood's past games and EA's newer installations. This mod is mostly multiplayer intended but will have a brief single player campaign based lightly around Westwood's original plans for C&C 3 and fully functional Skirmish. Pick from 15 different factions from the Tiberian, Red Alert, Generals, and Dune universes and do battle on your favorite maps from past to present, all remastered to the SAGE engine. Welcome to the new face of war, commander.

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Generals 2 has proven incompatible with mods, not just Frostbite 2 but the fsct that the game is Free 2 Play(Pay 2 Win) title. With all the complaints thrown around about this, I'm not sure if EA plans on pulling the plug on that concept altogether but SAGE will be be the new engine for the mod until further information is revealed.

Posted by xXYALE70Xx on Mar 4th, 2013

Ok, this is a bit of daunting news for myself and the others following this mod's progress. Sadly, GEN2 will NOT work with mods. The game is EA's F2P concept(Which is pretty flawed unless your the one making money off it) which means its a download and will not support any mods whatsoever. I was hoping that a SDK may be released but I'm doubtful. Frostbite 2 is a different story, its a great powerful engine and I loves its graphic capabilities but there really isn't much I can do without the base game. As a result I'm going to SAGE with C&C3 or RA3(Whichever works better) In all honesty, its a better move on my part since its far simpler to mod and I don't have to learn anything new to run a FB2 mod. And its still pretty good looking which is another plus. Unless I find out more behind GEN2 with mod support and its actually possible(Which I still doubt) you can expect to find this under C&C3's flag for the rest of development.

Also, GEN2 factions will be cut due to this. Not that I need too but it just won't feel right. I will replace these with the GEN1 factions(USA,China,GLA) and remaster all their stuff to SAGE.

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Battle8111 Mar 4 2013 says:

And that's why Generals 2 is going to suck, EA is going to repeat its self. Just like when it released CNC 4.

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xXYALE70Xx Author
xXYALE70Xx Mar 4 2013 replied:

If it were up to me, I would just sell C&C back to Petroglyph/Westwood. They actually know what they're doing instead of letting idiots buys masses of DLC for game that should have been standalone to start with.

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Martinoz Mar 5 2013 replied:

UaW - economy by sucking cows via big crawler.
EoN - MMO RTS with no base building.

The f**k you are talking about with "they know they are doing"

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Siege_Chopper Mar 5 2013 replied:

Still better than anything EA can come up with.

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Martinoz Mar 5 2013 replied:

Also, yes they are surely not focused on cash.

"Your units become more powerful after each match, and you earn in-game currency
Spend your in-game currency to buy booster Commander Packs containing random, collectible units and more"

Another MMO crap based on Alamo engine without any C&C in it. I bet that a lot of guys who write that Petroglyph might do it better, didn't touch any of their games in last 5 years.

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Siege_Chopper Mar 5 2013 replied:

Take it easy, man.

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xXYALE70Xx Author
xXYALE70Xx Mar 5 2013 replied:

Petroglyph wants to go back to the way things were, but EA has nearly every bit of C&C under lock and key I'd imagine. If there's anything remotely close to C&C in a Petroglyph game, EA would probably blow their top.

@Martinoz Lose the attitude, OK? State your opinion, don't bitch about it.

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Lesser Mar 4 2013 says:

face the facts command&conquer died a long time ago with it games we can only hope that there do a good job with command&conquer general 2 so far the information we got is pretty good base building is back it still looks like a generals game and there also said if all goes well there will even bring back NOD and GDI and there is also going to be story and single player in it.

we can only wait and see there might even get this right and win back the fans and start command&conquer up again.

and also that pay to win come on are you really going on with that in this age we live in all games are having this just get over it.

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xXYALE70Xx Author
xXYALE70Xx Mar 5 2013 replied:

I'm not griping about F2P. I just think it's kind of a scumbag system that works great thanks to the people who get suckered in to buying DLC for it. Nor is EA smart with it either(NFS World $100 Car) But yes, times have changed with the online functionality of games. Its not just one disc and and expansion pack later anymore.

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Furrywolfie1 Mar 16 2013 says:

I stopped getting C&C games for the C&C experience. I really only get them now for sake of another RTS to play.

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