Bringing a truly unrivalled gaming experience to Zero Hour. Our team has added various modifications which updates the models, new sounds, and balance has been fine tuned Untitled over shadows Zero Hour perfectly!

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Just trowing a 10 around isn't valuable anymore! This mod is fun to play, looks good but lacks the graphical enhancement for me. But this is totally worth a download!

An amazing mod (my favorite one) except if the campaigns were enabled, this would have been a 10/10.

guter mod macht spass mal wieder zu zocken

This mod contains EVERY unit,the regular users of Generals Zero Hour dream of,the mod doesn't lack anything,it's just that there are some bugs in the game i encountered,but all in all it's all right the bugs are minor,But this Mod deserves a 100/10 (Can't rate 10/10)

I would like to start this review with pointing out that I am not necesserily an expert player, I do not delve into the deepest mechanics in mods, but I do play a fair amount of Zero hour, primarily modded and I have played a lot of the more popular mods out there from rise of the reds, to contra, to remix escalation to shockwave and even some of the older ones like destructive forces and blitzkrieg 2. My knowledge comes purely from other mods and how i compare them to vanilla zero hour and eachother.

So I will just do a fairly simple summary below:-


The new models and designs are very high quality, they are not formed purely from other zero hour models (if some were, they were not obvious to me) and I likeed models like those for the sledge, the new Overlord, the laser general turrets.

All the good stuff youve designed that feels very unique to this mod, you do not veer away too much from the core gameplay like some mods do. You can play untitled just like you may have played Zero hour, after coming from Generals. It feels like an exp pack to an exp pack.

The mod also feels quite polished, I did not run into any major issues with performance or models, I imagine progress on the mod will iron out any problems people may have.


I guess theres only two things i am not keen on personally and that is the fact that at the moment, you do not have as unique sides/factions as mods like Remix, Contra or destructive forces. As I said in the pros, this is depending on view point a good thing, but I would suggest a couple of new units, some mods make the gameplay feel very complicated and I cannot say I would prefer this approach but a few extra goodies to spice up each side would be nice.

Second, is again problem something I and only a few others may have had problems with and thats the launcher and installing things correctly. Your latest update/install method fixed that for me however.


Improved infantry model would make this modification better. Keep up the good work.


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