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Dec 31 2012 Anchor

Post any bugs you find in the C&C Untitled mod here!

jeschunsin Tei-Ne
Dec 31 2012 Anchor

There is no rotor shadow = chinook and commanche (Side : America)
bug report

Also when commache rocket pods has been upgraded, it contain shadow problem
bug report

This is wounded paladin. It's burning.

bug report

After repaired. It still burning.
bug report

Jan 2 2013 Anchor

The microwave tank has a glow particle that is not properly connected to the turret. The turret turns but the glow stays in place.

For super weapon general, trying to build a Burton crashes the game.

The PDL on the laser paladin does not seem to work. Perhaps I am not noticing or going against the wrong kind of missiles.

The Avenger turns itself to point at a target with the designator beam.

Jan 2 2013 Anchor

The Challenge always stalls on General Tao.. no matter who you choose.

edit: just read the change log and it states that there are problems with the challenge and campaign.

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Jan 3 2013 Anchor

When I upgrades my gatling cannon with chain gatling, it doesn't fire. nor the air or ground. Manual attack(Ctrl+target)is impossible too.

Jan 5 2013 Anchor

Found another bug.

For any china - The ECM tank will fire a very quick shot at infantry and aircraft and then stop. It will then try and do the same thing over and over again. It works normally against buildings and tanks.

Played toxin general, found two more bugs, though I am not sure if it affects all GLA.

Sometimes when I build a building, I'll get a serious slowdown. I only building I noticed specifically was the vehicle factory. Perhaps the build scaffolds are causing it, or maybe the worker build animation.

I noticed after using some toxin upgraded bomb trucks that every so often one of the explosion particles appear again.

Jan 6 2013 Anchor
  • Sithis44reports-;
  • -The laser generals antiair tank makes a very bad noise, i think the turret sound effect gets stuck some how. Please make a fix!
  • - when the overload blows up some of the shrapnel stays in midair and never goes away
  • -the flag on the dragon tank is below the tank and looks terrible.
  • -the nuclear overlord has issue with equiping parts on it, they also go under the tank and when you blow it up the upragdes stay in mid air when they where suppose to blow up with the tank!
  • -the inferno cannons machine gun always fires and it has no skin on it!
  • CommanderDef reports-;
  • -Assault troop crawler damaged texture does not apply, it remains pink when damaged to red HP bar.
Jan 10 2013 Anchor

General issues
- Clicking Special Power shortcut doesn't always select it (sometimes have to click twice or trice and this doesn't happen in any other mod)

- Ranger AT Grenade hotkey is 'G', which is the same as Guard button (maybe changing to N or D would solve it)
- Specter Gunship gives old destroyed wreck
- No Ambulance Repair Radius for Laser Gen

- Nuke Gen Overlord has no upgraded models (no gattling cannon, no prop, no bunker)
- Some Tank Gen debris missing texture
- Infantry Gen Assault TC missing damaged texture
- Listening Post fails to shoot enemy (and it's loaded with Tank Hunters)
- Listening Post usually freezes and not obeying commands
- Mortar troop, FAIS Tank cannot be affected with Propaganda effect
- Dragon Tank flame sometimes doesn't reach target at max range

- Invisible Command Center (Untitled City)
- Palace failure to auto-shoot at further away enemy (even though it's in range)
- New technical leaves old hulk when destroyed

Jan 11 2013 Anchor

USA MTHEL is using the icon the same as one of the Humvee.
Chinese Infantry Gen's Heavy troop crawler is missing its damaged and destroyed texture.
One of a Gattling tank pieces is also missing it's texture (pink) when it blows up.

I don't have the SW Gen Burton building problem.

Nov 23 2013 Anchor

I cant launch its 2.0 easy

Jun 2 2014 Anchor

Challenge Mode China Nuclear General has a bug.

I get to Nuclear General and it glitches, it wont go past the intro sequence.

the crusaders gather at thier scripted point, and then nothing happens. the Nuke Cannons do NOTHING and just... sit.

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