• Total Red Alert 3 conversion.
  • Port of C&C Generals Game as close as possible.
  • Powerful SAGE 2.0 Engine and RNA Renderer.
  • Powerful networking engine, no more random desync errors for no reason.
  • Remakes of C&C Generals Maps.
  • Beautiful Post Processing effects ( HDR, CC, etc. ).
  • Stunning Particle Effects.
  • DynLight emmiters for better effects expression.
  • Enhanced RNA Renderer.
    Smart adaptive AI, which react and adapt to all your moves.

Q: When it's gonna be released?
A: As soon as i finish it, i don't really want to rush with my projects, because great things take time, but i assure you - it won't take too long.

Q: Is there will be new units/buildings/abilities/generals powers?
A: I'm planning to release 2 version of mod in a same time, the first one will contain only default C&C Generals Stuff, the second one will have something new, not really sure what it will be.

Q: What the heck is RC1/2/3?
A: It's mod Release Candidate versions, i've devided my mod development into three stages : RC1 - Units Demo, RC2 - Units + Structures Demo, RC3 - Final Release.

Q: How are you gonna add abilities/upgrades/special powers to mod?
A: This will be simplified, i will use Veteran/Heroic states for GLA Units instead Junk collecting, some upgrades will be bundeled into protocol upgrades, you get the idea.

Currently i am working alone, but with a great help of these guys :

Jafhar/GoGoYubari - He's responsible for bright and great ideas, additional models, great advices, help with textures, there's really too much to mention so let's just say that he's a great person to be befriended with, period.

Sgor00 - Proud Mapper of GenEvo mod, he's artist of GUI and Cameo textures, Web designer, great adviser and great friend. Check out his DeviantArt page now!

TimeDefender - When i need constructive criticism - i ask him, he's my RL friend, he's helped me with software that EA didn't care to include ( Particle Frames/Lifetime calc, C&C Geometry params converter, etc. He's also responsibe for tons of ideas.

Dcesarec - Proud member of Contra Mod team, great modeler, just a nice person. He is responsible for RC2 Infantry models, give him a huge thank you, because without him i was not able to bring infantry to RC2.

Zeke, and a whole NLS team - Thank you for contributing me your old unused assets, you made a GIANT contribution to RC2, now players of GenEvo will be pleases with your top notch models, thank you.

St4lk3r - Thank you for Marauder and Mammoth model, i am proud to use these.

Existor - Thank you for new main Generals Evolution logo, pretty much everything you draw is masterpiece. Keep it up lad.

Currently None for now, thank you for actually contacting me! ( no sarcasm )

Bibber - The savior of C&C Modding community, authour of numerous tools and expansions, which made C&C3;/RA3 modding simplier, i cannon imagine my mod without his work, kudos to you, mate.

Megumi/Asuka - Working with Bibber and other chaps she's responible for many other contributions to C&C3;/RA3 modding.

All of you - And of course all of you, all who follow my mod and making feedback. Major thing that keeps mod alive is feedback, i must know that i am doing the right thing. You always cheer me up.

ModDBModDBModDBCommand And Conquer : Generals Evolution Support me on patreon!

Command And Conquer : Generals Evolution

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16 comments by Gunship_Mark_II on Feb 10th, 2015

C&C : Generals Evolution : Dreams Come True!

Hey guys, it's me again, a guy who uses same preset for every news! ( including this sentence) It's me Gunship Mark II, The time has come, i proudly present to you the ending of RC2 update spree, as well as some other news.

Finally guys, i present to you brand new structure models. Not just silly ports of original building, but brand new models and textures made by a professional game designer. As much as they look great they are extremely well optimised. Just as a side notice - they are still on early stages of implementation, so they don't have any particles/animations yet, but they will have them very soon.

Now let's do a bit of backstory!

Few months ago, Soenke c. "warby" Seidel contacted me and offered his help, i was truly stunned by this, because i never ecountered such professional and generous person in my life, we had a dozens of email chains discussing this and that and he said he will gladly help me out with structures models, he's a huge C&C fan and he said he likes what i do. Warby made it happen guys, he pretty much saved this mod from miserable position of porting broken C&C Structures. If you want to read more about warby, please, check out his site-portfolio

Let's cut the chatter and move on to media!

[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True
[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True
[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True
[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True
[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True[ Generals Evolution ] Dreams Come True

Now, this is the hardest part for me guys. I need your help. Let me explain what kind of help and why.

Currently I'm going through some nasty shit in my life, the main reason of which is that I live in eastern Ukraine, right in the middle of war zone to be precise, and my life is seriously affected by it. At first I lost my full-time job because of an economic crisis. Then whenever I go work part-time, I won't stay employed for long, because a lot of work places have gone bankrupt or are moving to better place. Right now I am freelancing for minimal price when possible, to at least pay my bills. Because of that reason, I have less and less time to work on my stuff. The more I live like this, the more difficult it becomes.

My goal with a Patreon is to build my future as a game developer, I am not alone with this, my friend ( sgor00 ) and I cooperate on the same goal, all your donations will go into a good cause, like buying a licence for a game engine, which provides us with everything we need to start making video games. We both have required skill, all we need is your humble support. By donating you're helping both of us and giving us a chance for a future. Personally for me it's the only way out of my situation, without your help I don't see any future for me. I know this sound silly and overused, but even $5 will help. That sum, here equals a week of life. That's how desperate living here is. I won't say that if you don't donate I will stop working on my mods. Never! This is my hobby after all, plus i have a lot of people waiting for them. I will continue working as much as I can, but your help will definitely boost the whole process by 500%.
You can also help me by spreading the word about me and playing my mods, any feedback is always extremely appreciated!

My Patreon page is 1 year old, i've bean dreading to launch it 'til now. I hope you guys will understand it. If you want to support me - click on this huge ass picture bellow

Once again, thank you everyone for your support, i will try to post more news/answer more questions if i can, for now this is all.

Gunship Mark II, Signing Out.

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C&C3 Generals Evolution Model Pack

C&C3 Generals Evolution Model Pack

Apr 12, 2013 Models Pack 20 comments

Since the project was canceled/Moved to RedAlert3 engine we dicided to release some of our work for public use. These models are intended to use in C&C3...

C&C Generals Evolution - Unit Demo RC1

C&C Generals Evolution - Unit Demo RC1

Dec 31, 2012 Demo 68 comments

Long awaited C&C Generals Remake is now ready to release it's first Demo. Today i will bring to you Units Demo, Skirmish and MP is supported. Maps...

Post comment Comments  (380 - 390 of 1,201)
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Aug 7 2014, 9:04am says:

You may probably know that EA shut down game servers few weeks ago, and online functionality was obsolete, but thanks to guys from Revora we have another way of playing online. You've probably heared about C&C Online ( Cnc-online.net ) i've tested it right now and it works just fine, so go ahead and register there, there's a great video which you can help you in a process.

+5 votes   reply to comment
AlliedGuardianTank Sep 2 2014, 10:46am replied:

Does it work with Mods?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Iraqi_Code Aug 8 2014, 8:39am replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Guardian_2194600 Aug 6 2014, 4:55pm says:

Based on your comment about the release, I was wondering, did Westwood have a part in making the original Generals?

+1 vote     reply to comment
userz Aug 6 2014, 10:30pm replied:

The original generals was made by Westwood, they had most part of the game done, then EA shut them down and just "Finished then released" it.
So Generals became the first CnC title to be exclusively released under EA.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Iraqi_Code Aug 6 2014, 11:55am says:

hi .
any news , update , images , gameplay.?
and when will out rc2 or full mode currently..? this year or not ..?
if you could make new weapons like this MQ-9 or A-10 Media.moddb.com
we need to new weapons to feel we play in new engine and new game , not just copy from zero hour or just add many effects
my regards

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Aug 6 2014, 4:35pm replied:

There will be news, i am working on mod every day. RC2 will be released this year.

I won't add any balance breaking stuff or entierly new units, but i will enhance some old Generals as they was initially planned to be. This means i will restore some of ideas and units that were planned by westwood/EA. You'll see more in update. Even with just original unit set you'll feel like you are playing another game, i assure you.

Moddb comment section is ****** up, ignore all futher replies, they are related to other posts.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Iraqi_Code Aug 7 2014, 8:00am replied:

thanks for answer ,,
another things i have seen in modern warfare mod zero hour a tringle cam right there Moddb.com
look to the cam from the ground to sky it's beauty , i just wonder if it allowed in ra3 mods and if you can add it .?
maybe you see this matter isn't important , but they can use it at leaste to made a trailer more interactive ..
other thing i've played GenEvo rc1 & seen rc2 gameplay and i see some bugs i would to tell you about it to avoid and attention it in coming Release
1 - the missile of air force is just like a line of light i don't feel it a missile and the range is very little to target .. i suggest to see how they look like the missile in generals 2 ..
2 - when i was a played GenEvo especially vechile or tank like scuds several times is launch the missile once and let the target & would not tracking it while the target still alive and remains non-destructively , well I think this is very important to attention it.

now at last, your effects i can't describe it , it's very Amazing and i wish to see this Youtube.com
just look to the quad canon anti air when it shocked by the tank and pushed away in 10 sec. or how the car it's flew up and flipped in 6 sec.
I know this may be difficult and may not be done, but I'm wondering if you have the possibility to do so, be aware that this motion and some details that I mentioned to you in the previous lines are very important and we as a public and impressed fans and makes us hang on in the game. Perhaps that may be unaware in the details, but I repeat that the most important thing you Dear

I'm only interested in my writing this because I want to be the launch of the game & the gameplay is fun and not boring for everyone

I hope you leave reply to know that you know that bugs I have mentioned it
my regards
and you do a great work .. keep up

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Aug 7 2014, 8:01am replied:

Hey thanks for feedback. I had camera prototypes in ra3, here's the result ( Moddb.com ), but it conflicts with water pretty bad, if i will find a way to fix it i will make it optional to get "free" camera.

As for scud/tomahawk missiles i need to find a most fitting missle logic to make them follow the target, it's possible to do so.

As for VFX - i put my maximum effort in them, ra3 particle effects/physics system allow to do amazing stuff, but the ginant flaw of it - there's no editor, every particle i made was done with just text editing tool and trial and error method, it took me few months to get base particles into new build, you won't be dissapointed.

Thanks again for feedback, if you have more to aks i am always here.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Iraqi_Code Aug 7 2014, 9:00am replied:

all rights ..
I am excited about hearing from camera free, free camera would be great in mode full of work and considerable effort, I hope appeared in next version

For Scud/Tomahawk you perhaps misunderstood me, I mean when I click on the target the missile launched a normal but to keep the vehicle of scud hit the target if the target is not destroyed must have been hit the target again by new click on the target , i not mean to make a missle follow the target , do you understand me how I mean..?
for information this bugges not only in your mod, but that a common problem in all mods ra3/c&c3 like mec2 or c&c fallout , if you solve this problem you will be the first person i seen solve it, that I remember in others mods a sniper has the same problem of Scud , the sniper just kill one of enemy infintry and let other .?

For VFX I just liked I share some thoughts that it gathered her in your page,

I'm sure GenEvo will be very cool material
But I want to say something in my heart I can not mute my heart
I hope to release this mod this year because I have been following your work since the rc1 version and there are a lot of fans say they monitor work two years ago and more
I just know that the work is painstaking and tiring
but just tried to launch it this year
And I'm grateful to you for follow up to my comments

+1 vote     reply to comment
Elancore Jul 25 2014, 5:59pm says:

Hi Gunship MK II, how close this will be to zero hour at the end? I played RC1 and I was wondering if there will be dosers and workers for example, big airfields, tunnels network, resources gathering, etc...
And is there any release after RC1 yet, is it still due on 2014?

If EA could take over this mod and make Generals 2 out of it with more armies and features, we would be very happy, it looks really cool with this engine

Great work man, thanks for this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Jul 26 2014, 5:47am replied:

Dozers play diffirent role now. They can build Command Center only and automatically/by command repair structures + give a small RateOfFire boost to nearby units. Workers do the same stuff, but for GLA there are separate worker for each structure, so you can build your base anywhere you want.

There will be airfields, but they are completely reworked, RA3 doesn't support adequate vertical landing, pretty much as C&C3 too, it's incredibly wonky and jittery and generally looks awful ( Youtube.com this is what i made long ago, you can get same in ra3 but do you really want it? Me neither ). I still have all C&C Generals aircrafts, but i am working on a concept of airfield now.

I do have tunnel networks, but most of their logic were cut from code, so i have nothing but rotting corpse of tunnel network logic. What i plan to do is make all tunnel networks connected with each other via nexus tunnel network ( same as in C&C Generals 2 used to be ), other than that there are no sane way to make it.

Resource gathering is still here, it's pretty much as in RA3 but reskinned. It works fine, AI use it fine and everyting works great here.

As for C&C Generals 2 i wish they will revive what they already did, it was a good game with C&C feel.

+8 votes   reply to comment
ÐetroyT[RU] Jul 28 2014, 4:01pm buried:



-5 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 29 2014, 1:07pm replied:

Are you serious? Have you seen those new maps he made? I can already tell that this mod is going to outclass almost every rts ever made.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Jul 29 2014, 3:47am replied:

That's really constructive m8, now go back to your barn from which you came from and never show up again.

+3 votes   reply to comment
ÐetroyT[RU] Jul 30 2014, 2:49pm replied:


-4 votes     reply to comment
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Jul 30 2014, 5:29pm replied:
∅ÐetroyT→[RU wrote:↓]EPIC FAIL

I see you can't make any intelligent human speech lately, no worries, it happens, i understand. I'll just leave you alone with your misery then, or do i have a chance to hear anything intelligent from you? I doubt.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Guest Jul 31 2014, 2:19pm replied:

Ignore him. He wants to play RC2 so bad. Its coming dude just wait...

+1 vote     reply to comment
d3litenl Jul 31 2014, 2:30pm replied:

Yeah, just a pitiful person who accomplished zero in his life. Gunship just leave the trolls creeping around in their own feces and concentrate on more important stuff like RC2 ;)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Gunship_Mark_II Creator
Gunship_Mark_II Jul 31 2014, 4:49pm replied:

He doesn't, there are a whole story behind him and his huge butthurting nature, i can't just ignore it, everything he does make me cringe bad. The worst part about it he doesn't even realize anything what he does and showing himself like a huge fool, especially at my mod page.

I can also talk about his huge theft related to my past mods resources, he just take what he likes and sometimes show it like it's his own work. He is a disgrace to a modding community.

He was a nice guy long ago, at least he could make a sentace back then, but his foolish nature/theft/overzealousness turned him into huge idiot.

I am usually a nice guy and always like to help or share my stuff with someone and especially don't talk **** like i did above, but hell, this person deserve every rant and swear in the world, if you'd know him more closely like i do you would be thinking same.

+5 votes   reply to comment
C&CFans Aug 1 2014, 4:37am replied:

just like the Crisis

Ukraine vs Russia
Gunship vs DetroyT

LOL, just make some Peace, because there is another war going on (Palestine vs Israel)

0 votes     reply to comment
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