The town of Coonersville has rebelled. The citizens there have overthrown the security forces and established a base at the top of the mountain. The town was heavily shelled with headcrab canisters, forcing the rebels into hiding. A Combine Overwatch sweeper team cleared the remaining forces and took over the base. The Combine have turned the base into Quiver Mountain Research Facility and Military Installment aka Installation 34. Recently, the Citadel has lost contact with Installation 34 and the Administrator believes that the underground rebels have resurfaced and retaken the installation. The surface has been shelled, but knowledge of the current situation is vague at best. The Administrator is regrouping the Transhuman forces for security operations. Support in this mission is therefore light. You are the squad leader for a team being deployed at the farside service hangar. Your mission is to infiltrate the installation, assess the situation and eliminate rebels.

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