You woke up in an apartment high-rise building. You don't remember anything, even your name. You have deep cuts all over your body... you are bleeding heavily. On the floor and walls is lot of blood, obviously, not only yours. You need to find something to sew up the wounds, and then try to understand why this nightmare is going on...

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Comatose is a well made, professional looking mod. The beginning is a little bit weird and I' ve needed more then one try coming trough the mod. But I was never at the point to give up. After all I made it to the end and I'm glad to see a sequel.

Don't forsake, activate your brain and enjoy!


This was a very good mod. The game starts off with the player being thrown into a situation they have to think through quickly without hesitating.

Хорошая работа.

Great !

I remember playing this and absolutely falling in love with it. The only problems I remember are very poor translating (but that's obviously forgivable) and it's rediculously short. Like, REALLY short. Still, a great mod though. I remember copypasting the soundtrack to some movie I was making :)

Really an amazing art of work. The texture, the mapping just everything were amazing. Great puzzles and good concept, hope there is gonna be made more like this!
It just need to be longer, it was to short in my opinion.

It's a very nice mod with a nice map design. The puzzles are good to understand, but a little bit to easy in my opinion (for an escape the room mod.)
Storywise im split. I like the Idea of not knowing who you are and why you are in this situation, but also it's a little bit confusing to without any transparency of the story. A little bit more information provided would have been enjoyable.
Though this mod is pretty short and just the first episode I enjoyed playing it and can't wait for the next episodes. Hopefully with a clearer storyline.


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