CWC is a C&C Generals Zero Hour Total Conversion and also works with "The First Decade". It takes place from 1980-1989 and features realistic units from the 80's. We want CWC to be a mixture of realism and fun. CWC is more realistic than vanilla Generals, with real life weapon systems and side specific characteristics. CWC offers 2 factions: Russia and USA. The Russians tend to use tanks and artillery (for example: T-72 / T-80, BM-21, 2S1 only to mention a few) while the USA rely on aircraft and high tech units (for example: F-15, F-16, F-117, A-10 etc.). Also we we have a lot of infantry in the game, not all of them are just cannon fodder.

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Gameplay and graphics is better than the vanilla, quite realistic for a 2004 RTS. I just wish they would make more factions and keep this project alive. 11/10 but can only rate 10. This has been and has always been my favorite MOD since 2009.

what else can I say? 10 years, 10 years man! The cold war crisis is much more like a child, it should be the most balanced and rigorous mod I have ever played. I am very respect for German's excellence and meticulous masterpiece. giving 10 scores

Good and Unique Design of Units and Buildings.The Graphics was nice like high 3D and the units design was like real in the present.Thank you for the mod CWC Team.

Truly amazing piece of work.

The substantial amount of realism and the balance of a proper strategy game makes Cold War Crisis one of the best total-conversion mods in the history of Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour and the Command & Conquer franchise as a whole.


Best post-modern mod for this game, many years of fun. Thank you very much!

I really like the concept of this. However, it feels really unbalanced when playing. Not enough time to build a defense. The enemy always seems to have the upper hand no matter how fast you build or capture points. Maybe its just me. I would like to see the defensive structures released earlier instead of using generals promotion to get it. Or a faster way to collect resources so that I can build units to defend my base. Great mod and runs smooth. Units are effective and efficient against what they were designed to destroy. Love the realism. My only issue is really the resources.


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About ten years later I write a review for the Cold War Crisis realistic late Cold War era total conversation for the Generals: Zero Hour RTS game. I was following CWC since its first SP demo was released.

The mod is just as it should be both the Soviets and the Americans are well done with fitting units although their numbers aren't that big. CWC does not have a campaign but it does have a interesting tutorial missions and a set of SP missions plus some customs ones. The SP missions are somewhat influenced by OFP as the mod itself is. These missions are creative, hard and very rarely are based upon unit bulding and massed assaults on enemy AI stronghold bases. The enemy AI is though, especially on skirmish operations it drowns you in waves of massed tanks and infantry units when set on anything higher than the "Easy" AI level. I believe the MP part of the mod is sadly dead. Overall, this a solid tactical level RTS modificaton based on the Cold War going hot in the late 1980's. Too bad the non-USA NATO forces were never developed except for a Bundeswehr Leopard 2 MBT appearing in one defence mission. The Warsaw Pact is represented only by the Soviet Army and the storyline negates the existance of other NSWP armed forces even in some missions that are set in countries like Poland. I would expect at least a mention of the Polish People's Army or the East German NVA in the missions. Cold War Crisis is one of the most famous and the best C&C: Generals mods and it will be rememebered as such.

Best history-based modification for Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero hour RTS game.

Great Mod!! I'm impressed. :D

This mod is remarkable. You want to play the Soviet Union and fight capitalism? You can. Featuring great AI, a good campaign, great graphics, and brilliant gameplay, you will want to play this mod. A great mix of realism and non-realism in my opinion.

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