CWC is a C&C Generals Zero Hour Total Conversion and also works with "The First Decade". It takes place from 1980-1989 and features realistic units from the 80's. We want CWC to be a mixture of realism and fun. CWC is more realistic than vanilla Generals, with real life weapon systems and side specific characteristics. CWC offers 2 factions: Russia and USA. The Russians tend to use tanks and artillery (for example: T-72 / T-80, BM-21, 2S1 only to mention a few) while the USA rely on aircraft and high tech units (for example: F-15, F-16, F-117, A-10 etc.). Also we we have a lot of infantry in the game, not all of them are just cannon fodder.

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Excelent! Hard to believe this was ol' C&C ZH, for it makes me feel like playing a OP version of WiC! Just love how CwC transforms ZH into something MUCH more serious. A lot of attention to detail as well, with outstanding unit voices! Thank you so much for this! Been playing for a year now.


Mods like this makes buying C&C Generals ZH still worthwhile even a decade after the original game. Graphics are comparable to many newer games. Infantry is actually useful for once (unlike most C&C games or mods).


this is a stunning conversion, i absolutly love it as you have brought in pretty every aspect into the game, from the units and buildings to the abilaties that are used but there are very few differentr maps available and not many you can use with this mod but nothing in this world is perfect
so thankyou like with many other mods like this one you have done better than EA could even have dreamed of


DukeOfJudea says

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Dude, this should be an extension to the game!

Cool designed, well balanced, ultra realistic mod with long lasting gameplay and its easy to learn/start playing(nice build-in gaming tutorial).

The best Tactical mod fo C&C... Very realistic

Simply the best mod around.

The amount of work, research, attention to details, and gameplay is carefully combined to make such a masterpiece that is CWC.

It doesn't aim for total realism, but it offers one of the best in-game rendition of realism! It is total coolness factor that made me give them a 10 out of 10.

However the only weakness is their funny voice command. It contains many geeky and nerdy stuffs. You'll hear a unit calling their own catalog specification in game or their real world battle involvement.

But that's all. From air units to land battle, this is the ultimate game that blends them almost perfectly!

A very good and realistic mod. Most of the Artwork and the Effects are very good. In combination with the Map Generator it make still fun.

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